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    FOOTBOKS works in collaboration with a large number of brands specializing in sports nutrition, performance, recovery or hydration for athletes. Discover all our partner brands!

    PAS Nutrition

    Pro Athlete Supplementation was formed following a successful winning partnership between Jon Williams, BSc, WRU National Squad Nutritionist and Darren Campbell, MBE, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist.

    Providing athletes with products to improve their recovery and performance was their starting point.

    Learn more about PAS Nutrition

    applied nutrition

    Launched in 2008 with just a few products, the brand was acquired in 2014 by its current owner who invested heavily to bring new and exciting products to market.

    Quickly recognized as a market leader in brand innovation, APPLIED NUTRITION is gaining recognition.

    Learn more about Applied Nutrition


    The Swiss brand's cutting-edge expertise in food science along with its innovative drive and high-quality products make SPONSER the market leader in the Swiss sports nutrition industry..

    Sponser products are carefully produced from certified sources and are subject to strict quality controls.

    Learn more about Sponser


    Biorosan is an innovative Toulouse-based company that has been producing and marketing natural, organic and French cosmetics since 2012.

    Defender of Made-in-France, Biorosan asserts this attachment and makes the promotion of French quality a priority.

    Learn more about Biorosan


    OneGum is the story of three childhood friends who share a passion for trying anything and everything.

    After the advent of the SmartPhone and the emergence of other smart and connected objects, we were surprised by the lack of innovation in the food industry.

    Learn more about OneGum

    BIOME Drinks

    A drink that contains well-known ingredients like BCAAs, combined with advanced probiotics and other functional ingredients. All while keeping in mind that the intestine is the key to general well-being.

    BIOME is fully accredited Informed-Sport

    Learn more about BIOME Drinks

    OTE Sports

    one goal: to demystify sports nutrition and offer simple and scientifically supported nutritional advice to all athletes.

    This allows you to make an informed choice about what you need and when to use it to improve your performance or overall fitness.

    Learn more about OTE Sports

    SIS Science in Sportt

    At Science in Sport, the goal is quality and performance above all else, to help all athletes achieve their goals.

    Science in Sport was born out of a desire to provide the best nutritional products and advice to athletes.

    Science in Sport is used by a large number of Premier League clubs.

    Learn more about Science in Sport

    Mind The Gum

    MIND THE GUM is a revolutionary Chewing Gum that helps you keep your focus and your mental energy. Achieve success with MIND THE GUM

    3 main axes:

    Concentration, Smart Thinking and mental energy.

    Learn more about Mind The Gum


    A simple mission: feed your body and mind with everything you need to surpass yourself.

    Everything is done in-house: idea, concept, design, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, sales, logistics, printing, distribution, customer support, software development, photo, video, 3D and philosophy.

    Learn more about PROZIS

    STC Nutrition

    The founding principle of STC nutrition: to provide healthy solutions that respect the body and are targeted to support you in an active approach. All this under 3 aspects: balanced diet, physical activity and nutritional support.

    The products have been developed by experts in sports nutrition.

    Learn more about STC Nutrition


    The main mission of VOW Nutrition:

    providing scientifically backed yet affordable dietary supplements that contain the highest quality ingredients and the most innovative technologies in the industry.

    Learn more about VOW nutrition


    Soccer Supplement works directly with elite club players, coaches, sports scientists, nutritionists and doctors on product development and research.

    The aim is to focus on what is required of footballers to perform at the highest level, and the scientific evidence of how the right products can support this.

    Learn more about Soccer Supplement

    O.R.S. Sport

    O.R.S. Sport is the official supplier of hydration products for the team ofTottenham HotSpur.

    O.R.S Hydration Tablets is a product of Clinova, a UK based healthcare company developing, manufacturing and marketing healthcare products and medical devices.

    Learn more about O.R.S. Sport


    GRIP technology provides a non-slip sole that limits the risk of blisters due to the frequent rubbing of conventional socks.
    This integrated GRIP system results in a technological sock with unparalleled performance.

    Learn more about GRIPFIT

    Precision hydration

    Precision Hydration is an English company launched in 2011 that has developed over years with top athletes and technology partners a simple and effective way to help athletes understand and manage their individual hydration needs.

    Learn more about precision hydration

    Athlon Rub

    Athlon Rub All Sport Oil is based on a traditional sports oil used in Thai martial arts. The idea is to add other proven natural ingredients to make the best sports rub on the market. Athlon Rub offers athletes of all levels a safe and effective sport rub to help them warm up, train and recover..

    Learn more about Athlon Rub


    Aboniki comes from Nigeria, has been around for 30 years, and is part of the multinational J. C. Udeozor Global Industries Limited based in England.

    Every day, nearly two million people around the world use aboniki balm.

    Find out more about Aboniki

    optimum nutrition

    It is unquestionably the number 1 whey protein, reputed to be the most qualitative on the market.

    It was in 1986 that the American giant Optimum Nutrition was born with the desire to bring the best quality to the market.

    To do this, the brand selects the best ingredients and carries out rigorous laboratory tests with the sole aim of providing sports nutrition products of the highest possible quality.

    Learn more about Optimum Nutrition


    Revvies are energizing strips that melt in your mouth in seconds and have an almost instant effect.

    The brand is based in Sydney, Australia but the products are made in the UK.

    It was founded in 2011 by a couple of entrepreneurs Jaqui and John Nolan Neylan, specialists in the marketing of new innovative products..

    Learn more about Revvies

    One Pro Nutrition

    Company founder Matt Prior was an English international cricketer.

    One Pro Nutrition was born in 2015 after two years of research.

    The priority was to develop non-doping and natural products to give athletes only what they really needed using top quality ingredients.

    Learn more about One Pro

    Totum Sports

    Totum Sport is part of the Spanish Quinton Laboratories, specializing in marine therapy since their foundation over 100 years ago, in 1905.

    The laboratories owe their name to the French researcher René Quinton who scientifically proved the therapeutic virtues of seawater.

    Totum offers quality hydration products with the objective of improving the performance of athletes.

    Learn more about TOTUM sports

    Stay Active

    Created in 2018, Stay'active is a French brand of the Waya company based in Tours, which markets innovative and gourmet protein-based products.

    These delicacies have been thought out to help the body stay active and sporty for longer. Each product is made from lupine, oats and almonds.

    They prepare the body for physical activity, support it during practice as well as in the preparation phase.

    Find out more about Stay Activ'


    Médicafarm develops recognized natural professional care, used in many federations, clubs, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

    Thanks to the reliability of the products and their high efficiency, the brand occupies one of the leading positions among physiotherapists and health professionals.

    Each of the products are made in France.

    Learn more about Medicafarm

    Crown Sports

    We are always based on science, quality and transparency. All our products have scientifically backed formulas and we carry out scientific studies of international level, having already 8 publications in the JCR Q1 and Q2 journals. The quality of raw materials and formulations are all top notch, resulting in maximum performance, great flavors and no stomach issues. Manufactured in the IFS laboratoryFS

    Learn more about Crown Sports

    Power Gym

    POWERGYM was founded in 1991 due to a huge lack of top quality sports nutrition and supplements in Spain.

    Attention to every detail can make that vital difference, and nutrition is key in athlete preparation.

    We are the only manufacturers nationwide to design our products to high pharmaceutical quality standards, which is demonstrated by the wide range of certifications obtained by the facilities where we develop and produce our entire range of supplements and sports nutrition.

    Learn more about Power Gym




    Learn more about Whey'd

    6d nutrition

    All our products have been scientifically developed by Professor Peter Hespel of the renowned Bakala Academy (KU Leuven) and comply with the strict Informed Sport anti-doping program. In addition, we deliberately select the highest quality ingredients and flavors, and the effectiveness and taste of our range are frequently and thoroughly tested by professional and amateur athletes. With their help, we can make you a hero too.

    Learn more about 6d nutrition


    Xendurance is a sports nutrition company that was established in the United States in 2006, when the Xendurance (Extreme Endurance in the United States) formula was under development.

    Learn more about Xendurance

    High 5

    At HIGH5, we are committed to creating nutritious products with amazing natural flavors and are passionate about helping you achieve your goals, big or small.

    We want to give you a HIGH5 hit for every run, for every run, for when you want to win and when you don't, for your first mile and every extra mile. We are here for you.

    Learn more about High 5

    Body Hero

    Bodyhero products are specially formulated to provide the highest levels of protein while maintaining unbeatable taste and texture. Uniquely, each serving in the range provides 20g of high-quality plant-based protein.

    Learn more about Body Hero


    The concept of Generate Products was developed from my own need to energize my body during my motocross competitions.

    I researched the market and tested several products, but I was left unsatisfied.

    It was hard to find something that gave me an energy boost, supported performance and helped with recovery.

    Learn more about Generate


    Healthspan is a British company specializing in the sale of food supplements and wellness products.

    Founded in 1996, Healthspan offers a wide range of products, from vitamins and minerals to health supplements.

    Healthspan are designed to help people maintain good health and improve their quality of life. Healthspan also emphasizes the quality and transparency of its products, with scientifically backed formulas and rigorous testing performed on every product.

    Learn more about Healthspan

    Protein World

    Protein World is a British company specializing in food supplements and sports nutrition products.

    Founded in 2013, Protein World has quickly become a popular brand thanks to its innovative products and impactful marketing campaigns.

    The Protein World product line includes protein powders, protein shakes, protein bars, fat burners and recovery supplements. Products are designed to help people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals

    Learn more about Protein World


    CreGAAtine is a proprietary creatine blend that contains a creatine precursor called GAA -guanidinoacetic acid.

    It brings magic to your body and brain. Developed and produced by Applied Bioenergetic Lab and Carnomeda.CreGAAtine is an evidence-based nutraceutical.

    CreGAAtine significantly improves creatine levels in muscles and brain.

    Learn more about CreGAAtine

    Fulbe & Khem Sport

    R3 SPORT PERF is an effective warm-up supplement thanks to its high content of rosemary camphor essential oil.

    It also contains an extract of organic arnica flowers, a natural plant renowned for its relaxing properties by generating a sensation of heat in the area of application.

    In search of performance and efficiency, this formula to be applied in natural massages is presented in a completely revolutionary tube.

    Learn more about Fulbe & Khem Sport


    GRangers is a British brand that has been dedicated to protecting against the elements since 1937.

    Passionate about outdoor activities and the unpredictability of the British climate, we love nothing more than to challenge the elements and make any adventure possible.

    Whatever your reason for choosing Grangers, you can be sure that we are dedicated to protecting you, your equipment and the environment.

    Learn more about Grangers


    NeoTEIN was created to meet a specific need in the sports world.

    Its creator, a triathlete who trained over 30 hours a week while raising two young children, was looking for a high-quality, easy-to-carry protein shake to stay hydrated during training.

    After two years of research and development, NeoTEIN's Stick Pack was born, offering a light and refreshing all-in-one drink packed with protein, collagen and electrolytes to help athletes achieve their goals.

    Learn more about NeoTEIN


    BLOCKHEAD helps you get ready for anything fast so you can reach your goals faster. “My obsession with improving human performance started in college.

    An inspiring talk helped me discover how the active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the gums.

    So I developed a chewing gum that could release a dose of caffeine into the system in just five minutes to help athletes prepare with a rapid performance boost.” Danny Lowe, CEO and Founder

    Learn more about Blockhead


    Hydratis is the adventure of two French entrepreneurs: Jérémy Boué and Théo Heude who became interested in the subject of hydration and its importance on health and well-being.

    The research led to a simple result allowing to formulate and prescribe water enriched with minerals, glucose and sodium to allow water molecules to be assimilated by the body through the intestinal walls.

    Learn more about Hydratis

    Caffeine Bullet

    Caffeine Bullet was founded by David Hellard, a marathon and ultra-trail champion, because there were no caffeine products that could be conveniently taken in the middle of a race, without having to consume a large number of gels.

    Each minty gum blends caffeine with four types of electrolytes to increase endurance and improve athletic performance.

    Learn more about Caffeine Bullet

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    The partnership with Footboks dates from July 2021.

    Its job: to allow you to strengthen your mind and your self-confidence, to overcome your fears and blockages that prevent you from being serene, to allow you to optimize your potential, to be more efficient and to have better results in your field.

    Its mission: to make your mind an ally and not an enemy. That he can act for you and not against you. The mind is a force.