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    GRIP technology provides a non-slip sole that limits the risk of blisters due to the frequent rubbing of conventional socks. This integrated GRIP system makes it possible to obtain a technological sock with unequaled performance.


    In partnership with FOOTBOKS, GRIPFIT provides quality products..

    GRIPFIT socks have been validated by FOOTBOKS, its team and its sponsors..

    GRIPFIT was discovered with its“non-slip socks” in the box June 2020 FOOTBOKS so the composition was as follows:

    All these products are available individually in The FOOTBOKS Shop !

    About the company

    This company was formed by three friends whose passion for football and sport in general takes an important place in their lives.

    Their story comes from a simple observation, as an enthusiast playing almost every day of the year: Problems with blisters due to new shoes, skin problems under the feet due to friction, perspiration and humidity. .

    Not to mention joint injuries such as ankle or foot sprains.

    So the question arose naturally: how to avoid all these problems?

    Hearing about non-slip socks, they set out to do more research on them before sourcing them to test.

    The effect was direct and they were immediately pleasantly surprised by the quality, comfort and stability they provided compared to conventional socks.

    this is how GRIPFIT was born, and they decided to market these non-slip socks in order to make you discover a product which is gradually arriving in the feet of athletes who require significant, frequent support, whether in collective and individual sports.