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    The company FOOTBOKS SAS distributes every two months a football and futsal box containing performance and recovery products as well as advice and promotional offers.

    These services are exclusively available on the site, hereinafter the site.».

    Any order placed on the site or affiliated website dependent on FOOTBOKS SAS implies acceptance of these General Conditions, which the Customer acknowledges having read, understood and accepted in full knowledge of the facts.

    The customer has the option of saving and printing them.

    These General Conditions are only available in French and are subject to French law and French standards in force.

    FOOTBOKS SAS reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Sale at any time, without notice, it being understood that such modifications will not apply to reservations and orders previously accepted and confirmed by the Customer.

    These definitions are applicable to all of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

    1/ Company details:

    The site is published by the company FOOTBOKS.

    Simplified joint stock company with capital of 2000 . Head office: 11 Rue de la Villette, 75019 in Paris..

    You can reach us by email at

    Registration with the Paris RCS under number 881532543. Intracommunity VAT number: FR20881532543..

    To contact FOOTBOKS SAS you can email us at the following

    2/ Legal Capacity:

    Customers declare that they are of legal age and fully capable of contracting.

    3/ Geographical area

    The products and services are offered only in metropolitan France (including Corsica), Belgium, Andorra and Monaco in French. Outside this geographical area, subscriptions or sales cannot be taken into account for logistical reasons.

    4/ Availability of services

    The Services of the site are normally accessible by the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all year round except in the event of voluntary interruption or not, regardless of the cause. This may include maintenance. Being by its activity, subject to an obligation of means, the company FOOTBOKS SAS, cannot be held responsible for any physical, material or moral damage caused by the unavailability of the site.

    5/ A/ Specific conditions of the FOOTBOKS service: Bimonthly box sending serviceox

    This service provides for the distribution to its customers every two months of a box containing performance and recovery products in the world of football, futsal, sport and well-being or similar in order to allow manufacturers to promote the identity of these products and customers to discover and test new products.

    The contract provided for by these General Conditions provides for the sending of a bimonthly box every two calendar months. It is expressly agreed that FOOTBOKS reserves the right to suspend the box sending service for one month. In this case the customer will not be debited the amount of the box.

    When taking an order, the Customer will be required to complete a questionnaire. The customer must take care to verify the accuracy and conformity of the information provided to FOOTBOKS. The latter cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any input errors.

    The sale prices of services and products may be modified by FOOTBOKS at any time and the modification will then be notified to the Customer before any order is placed. If necessary, the changes are only valid for future orders, any old order will not be affected by the price changes. In the event of a subscription price change, all customers who subscribed before the change will continue to pay the old price until they terminate their subscription.

    The contract between the Customer and FOOTBOKS SAS will only be concluded when the Customer receives a payment confirmation email from FOOTBOKS SAS.


    FOOTBOKS SAS offers 2 subscription options for the bimonthly box sending service:

    – Bi-monthly subscription, with payment every two months.

    – Subscription with payment in 1 installment for 1 box (2 months), 2 boxes (4 months) and 3 boxes (6 months)

    A/ Bimonthly subscription with payment every two months:

    This formula allows the Customer who has subscribed to this offer to be delivered bimonthly from a box sent by FOOTBOKS SAS until a party decides to terminate this contract. By validating this offer, the Customer agrees to a recurring payment of an amount defined during the initial order.

    The amount of the first box ordered will be debited immediately after the order. Unless unsubscribed by the Customer under the conditions provided for in the unsubscribe article of these General Conditions, the Customer will be deducted from the sum defined automatically on each due date scheduled for the 20th of the month preceding the sending of the box.x.

    By validating his order, and after having checked the content of the order and, if necessary, having modified it, the Customer declares to fully and unreservedly accept all of these General Conditions.

    After having confirmed the content of his order, the Customer will definitively validate it by payment. The order will only be final upon payment of the corresponding price.

    B/ Subscription with payment in 1 installment for 1 box, 2 boxes and 3 boxes

    The customer subscribes to the bimonthly delivery service of a box for a predefined period. The subscription with payment in one go can be done for a period of 2 months or 1 box (solo pack), 4 months or 2 boxes (box-to-box pack) or 6 months or 3 boxes (mid-season pack) , from the date of the first box received.

    The Customer may not unsubscribe from this offer before the end of the period, except for the reasons set out in the unsubscribe article of these General Conditions.s.

    The subscription to the subscription for a predefined period allows you to subscribe yourself or a third party. As a reminder, the subscriber takes care of the beneficiary's allergy problems or food constraints.


    A/ Bi-monthly subscription with payment every two months :

    Unsubscription is possible for Customers who have taken out a bimonthly subscription. The customer can terminate his subscription at any time in his personal space.

    However, any box paid for by the Customer will be automatically sent to him, and the subscription will not end until the last box for which the Customer has been debited has been sent.

    B/ Subscription with payment in 1 installment for 1 box, 2 boxes and 3 boxes

    The customer cannot request the termination of his subscription with payment in 1 installment (2 months 1 box, 4 months 2 boxes, 6 months 3 boxes) except for the following reason:t :

    • absence from the territory covered by the subscription for a period of more than 3 months from its notification to FOOTBOKS SAS (if the 3 months are between the start and the end of the subscription).

    The Customer must notify FOOTBOKS SAS of its decision to unsubscribe by means of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to FOOTBOKS SAS and including valid proof. Any unsubscription to a subscription with one-time payment will give rise to reimbursement by FOOTBOKS SAS within thirty (30) days of the date of the valid notification, of an amount depending on the progress of the subscription.

    This amount is calculated as follows: the paid subscription price multiplied by the number of boxes remaining to be shipped divided by the number of prepaid boxes.

    Unsubscribing may also result from the decision of the company FOOTBOKS in accordance with the article deactivation of customer account of these General Conditions.s.


    FOOTBOKS SAS sends the boxes to Customers every two months at the delivery address indicated by them during the ordering process. In the event of a change in the desired place of delivery, the Customer is required to notify FOOTBOKS SAS at least fourteen (14) days before the start of the month concerned by email to

    Terms and conditions of delivery specific to the bimonthly box sending service: The box sending service only covers the geographical area determined in the article "geographical area", i.e. Metropolitan France (including Corsica), Belgium , Monaco and Andorra.e.

    The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer on the Site when ordering. The delivery times indicated on the Site are indicative times, corresponding to the average processing and delivery times observed. FOOTBOKS SAS cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery.

    In the event that the package cannot be delivered, a delivery notice will be left in the Customer's mailbox indicating in which post office the package is available.

    At the end of this period the package will be returned to the company FOOTBOKS. The customer may ask FOOTBOKS to return the box to him for a contribution of 8 euros to the shipping costs. The amount corresponding to this order as well as any additional delivery costs will remain acquired by FOOTBOKS SAS.

    5/ B/ Specific Retail Service Termsl”

    The products presented and boxes in limited editions are offered within the limits of available stocks.

    For this Retail Service, the delivery only covers the geographical area determined in the Geographical Area article.ue”.

    The price of Retail products does not include delivery costs which will be applied at a flat rate when ordering from the customer.t.

    After receipt by the customer of the payment confirmation email, FOOTBOKS undertakes to ship the customer's order within the following two (2) weeks. Under no circumstances can FOOTBOKS SAS be held responsible for a delay in delivery or the resulting consequences.

    6/ Price of services and products for sale on the site

    The sale prices of the services and products appearing on the Site are indicated in Euros all taxes included, it being understood that the products ordered are invoiced at the price in force when the order is registered.

    The sale prices of services and products may be modified by FOOTBOKS at any time and the modification will then be notified to the Customer before any order is placed. If necessary, the changes are only valid for future orders, any old order will not be affected by the price changes. In the event of a subscription price change, all customers who subscribed before the change will continue to pay the old price until they terminate their subscription.

    Unless otherwise stated, the selling prices of services and products do not include shipping costs which are added as an extra. Shipping costs depend on the product added to the basket and the geographical location of delivery.

    7/ Payment

    All orders are payable in euros, and will be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or by Paypal. The customer guarantees to FOOTBOKS that he is authorized to use the payment card for the payment of his entire order and that these means of payment legally give access to sufficient funds to cover all the costs resulting from his order on the Site. .

    FOOTBOKS SAS cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use of the means of payment used.

    All payments will be processed by a secure data encryption procedure to avoid any interception of this information by a third party.

    Within three (3) days of receipt of the subscription request, a request to debit the bank account will be sent to the paying agency. The subscription contract will be concluded upon receipt of the authorization to debit the account by the paying agency.

    FOOTBOKS SAS reserves the right to cancel or suspend any order and/or delivery, whatever its nature and level of execution, in the event of non-payment of any sum due by the Customer or in the event of payment incident.

    In accordance with the regulations in force, the bank details of Customers are not kept by the company FOOTBOKS SAS.

    It is up to the Customer to save and print his payment certificate if he wishes to keep the bank details relating to his transaction.

    8/ Refund

    If the conditions indicated in article 13 of these GCS are met, the FOOTBOKS Company will reimburse the price of the bimonthly box as part of a bimonthly subscription.

    The absence or defect of a product contained in the box will give rise to the exchange of the same product according to the available stocks or of another product.

    Failure to receive a box cannot give rise to other compensation.

    In any event, the liability of FOOTBOKS SAS is limited to the value of the bimonthly subscription. To obtain reimbursement under these conditions, the customer must imperatively notify his choice to be reimbursed within fourteen (14) days.

    9/ Customer account deactivation

    Non-compliance with the obligations subscribed to under these General Conditions of Sale by the Customer, any incident of payment of the price of an order, delivery of erroneous information when creating the account, acts likely to harm the interests of the company FOOTBOKS SAS, may result in the suspension of access to the services of FOOTBOKS SAS, or even, depending on the seriousness of the acts, the termination of its account and subscription without any damages being claimed whatsoever from the company FOOTBOKS SAS.

    FOOTBOKS SAS reserves the right to refuse any new order from a Customer who has been excluded or sanctioned for such actions, even if the latter uses a new account.

    10/ Customer service

    For any information or questions, the FAQ is available on the website

    For any specific questions, customer service can be reached by email at

    11/ Product compliance

    It is agreed between the parties that the Customer subscribes to a surprise box sending service, the products contained in the box are not known by the Customer prior to his order.

    The information present on the Site and in the box relating to the products is that provided by the manufacturers and suppliers to the company FOOTBOKS.

    The company FOOTBOKS, could in no case be held liable for the consequences that may arise from the knowledge or use of this information.

    12/ Intellectual property

    The elements present on the entire Site, whether visual, sound, comments, texts, images, illustrations, photographs, documents, trademarks and others, are protected by intellectual property, trademark law and patents.

    Any total or partial reproduction of the elements accessible on the Site is strictly prohibited.

    13/ Faculty of withdrawal

    In accordance with article L121-21 of the French Consumer Code, the Buyer has a period of fourteen (14) days from the day of receipt of the order or subscription to the mode of purchase concerned, to exercise its legal right of withdrawal without having to justify its decision.

    To exercise this right, within the framework of the bimonthly box sending service, the Customer must, within the period mentioned above, terminate the service by means of a letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the Registered Address.

    This period of fourteen (14) days is also valid from the receipt of each box.

    The return is the responsibility of the Customer, in the original box. Any incomplete, damaged, damaged product, with the box packaging open, cannot be refunded or exchanged.

    The subscription relating to the receipt of a complete box every two months, it is mandatory that the box be returned complete and in good condition for the terms of withdrawal to be valid.

    The products must imperatively be returned to FOOTBOKS SAS at the address: 11 rue de la Villette, 75019 Paris.

    If necessary, FOOTBOKS SAS will reimburse the Customer who has notified the exercise of his right of withdrawal within the period of 30 (thirty) days at most from receipt of the notification of withdrawal. The account corresponding to the Customer's bank card will be credited with the amount debited.

    14/ Liability

    The company FOOTBOKS SAS in its capacity as a third party cannot be held liable for the content of the partner sites of FOOTBOKS, in the same way its liability can in no way be sought in the event of a conflict between the Customer and a partner site or brand.

    The information allowing the Customer to identify himself, such as the username and password, is personal and confidential. This information can only be modified on the initiative of the Customer or of, in particular in the event of forgetting the password.

    The Customer is solely responsible for the use of his identification elements, he is required to keep them secret. Any disclosure on his part of can in no way be blamed on FOOTBOKS.

    Any order placed using the Customer's username and password is deemed to have been placed by the latter. can in no way be held liable for damages caused by the disclosure of this personal and confidential data by the Subscriber and therefore for the use of this data by a third party.

    In any case, FOOTBOKS SAS cannot be held liable for any damage of any nature whatsoever, in particular due to the use of the subscribed services, damage to reputation, image, or loss of data that may occur due to the use of the services offered by

    FOOTBOKS SAS offers a product supply service, but is in no way the designer, manufacturer or prescriber of these products. Therefore, FOOTBOKS SAS cannot under any circumstances be held liable in the event of bodily injury and/or immaterial and/or material damage that may result from the use of the products present in the box which are distributed under the sole responsibility of their manufacturers, and which are used under the sole responsibility of the Customer.

    Any complaint that may result from the use of the products present in the box must be addressed directly to the manufacturer.

    FOOTBOKS SAS cannot be considered liable for total or partial non-performance of the contract resulting from an event of force majeure beyond our control.

    Any complaint filed by a user, including any Customer, against FOOTBOKS SAS must be made within one month of the occurrence of the event, subject of the complaint.

    15/ Safeguard clause

    If one or more stipulations of these general conditions of sale were declared invalid pursuant to a law or regulation or a final court decision, the other stipulations would remain in force and scope.

    16/ Continuity and transfer of rights and obligations of the contract

    Contracts between the Customer and FOOTBOKS SAS and/or its successors and assigns are binding between the parties.

    Customer contracts, rights and obligations may not be assigned or transferred without prior written consent.

    The contracts, rights and obligations of FOOTBOKS SAS may be assigned or transferred at any time without the prior consent of the Customer.

    17/ Advertising on the website

    At any time FOOTBOKS SAS may decide to place advertising space on the website FOOTBOKS SAS enjoys total freedom when it comes to the choice of these advertisers, the types of display of advertisements but also their position on the site.

    18/ Computing and freedom

    The information and data collected by FOOTBOKS SAS during any Customer order are necessary for order management and commercial relations.

    They can be transmitted to the companies which contribute to these relations such as those in charge of the execution of the services and orders for their management, execution, delivery, treatment and payment. This information and data is also kept for security purposes, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and to allow FOOTBOKS SAS to improve and personalize the services offered and the information sent. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, Customers have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning them. The Customer should write to

    Registration on the site implies acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

    Thus, when a user registers on the site, he expressly agrees to receive communications from FOOTBOKS SAS.

    All emails sent by FOOTBOKS SAS include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

    FOOTBOKS SAS reserves the right to use the statistics provided through the questionnaires that Customers have completed in order to improve its service and that of partner brands.

    19/ Communication between the Customer and FOOTBOKS SAS

    By becoming a user of the website, the Customer acknowledges that the exchanges between him and FOOTBOKS SAS will be mainly electronic (by email).

    In particular, the Customer expressly accepts that the invoices are sent to him by email.

    20/ Modification of the general conditions of sale

    FOOTBOKS SAS reserves the right to modify and update the General Conditions of Sale without notice. To be informed of these possible modifications, FOOTBOKS SAS advises the Customer, and in general any user, to re-read the Terms and Conditions of the Site regularly. The Order will be subject to the T&Cs in force at the time of the Order.

    21 / Applicable law

    These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to applicable French law regardless of the Customer's country of residence and the place of conclusion of the contract. The application of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded.

    The Subscriber acknowledges that the communications and computerized records of the Site will be considered by the parties as proof of exchanges, orders, payments and transactions between the parties unless proven otherwise.

    Any dispute relating to the execution or interpretation of the General Conditions of Sale will be submitted to the competent court according to the nature of the dispute of the city of Paris.

    General conditions of sale updated on November 25, 2019