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    Mind The Gum

    Mind The Gum

    MIND THE GUM is a revolutionary Chewing Gum that helps you keep your focus and your mental energy. Achieve success with MIND THE GUM

    Focus: Find your focus immediately and keep your attention level high without distraction.

    Smart Thinking: solve complex situations in innovative ways, with the clarity you need to think outside of conventional mindsets.

    Mental Energy: Keep your level of mental work high and your thoughts fresh. All with less fatigue.



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    Mind The Guma was discovered with its Chewing Gum in the boxFEBRUARY 2020 FOOTBOKS.

    The composition of the February box was as follows:

    Here is its composition:

    About the company

    «If they had asked me after the accident if I thought it was possible to pass 20 exams in a year, I would certainly have said no. And yet I succeeded; not only to pass more than 20 exams in 392 days, but also to submit my thesis..»

    The words of Giorgio, one of the founders of Mind The Gum (whose idea was born following a serious accident he suffered in 2010))

    Objective: better concentration.

    Giorgio had to concentrate not just for two or three hours at a time, but five or six. He has experimented with countless remedies: energy drinks, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals. The results were disappointing; he needed something more efficient.

    Meeting with Farmacia Legnani »

    Giorgio turned to Farmacia Legnani, one of Milan's most renowned and innovative pharmaceutical companies, who offered their knowledge and team of experts.s.

    Mind The Gum

    After various attempts and many adjustments, Mind The Gum was born;

    A product combining 15 active ingredients that take action during chewing. It improves memory and concentration

    A product for everyone

    With his relentless determination, MIND THE GUM was the key to a very successful year for Giorgio. He was able to pass more than 20 exams and submit his thesis to Bocconi University in just 392 days. After testing the effectiveness of his product on himself, he decided to make Mind The Gum accessible to anyone who has the courage to achieve their goals..

    Optimize your time

    MIND THE GUM is the perfect solution for dynamic and enthusiastic people who want to make the most of their time spent studying or working. It is ideal for those who want to seize every opportunity and stay one step ahead without having to compromise..