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    The green clay of Biorosan is extracted at the level of the supply of the volcanoes of the south of France, on a perfectly sunny slope.

    Naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, it purifies, remineralizes, detoxifies and protects your skin and ensures a feeling of softness.

    Biorosan green clay is used for poultices and face masks.


    In partnership with FOOTBOKS, Biorosan provides quality clay made in France..

    Biorosan green clay has been validated by FOOTBOKS, its team and its sponsors..

    The Biorosan brand was discovered with its Biorosan Green Clay » in the boxDecember 2019 BOXING DAY so the composition was as follows:

  • 1 x Hydro Tab OTE »
  • 2 x Power Gum Sponser »
  • 2 x Applied Nutrition Bars »
  • 1 x pair of FOOTBOKS recovery socks
  • 1 x BIOROSAN Green Clay 400g00g
  • 1 x product instruction booklet
  • FOOTBOKS X BIOROSAN Make your quality poultice in 5 minutes at home..

    About the company

    Biorosan is an innovative Toulouse company that has been producing and marketing natural, organic and French cosmetics since 2012.

    Defender of Made-in-France, Biorosan asserts this attachment and makes the promotion of French quality a priority.

    Biorosan now offers several ranges of products suitable for athletes, including Argile des Volcans and Bonjour Bio.

    Working in partnership with ECOCERT, Biorosan adopts an assumed quality approach towards its partners and guarantees its Naturally Yours approach.s


    For a poultice, check the video above.

    On the treatment area, apply the clay paste 2cm thick with a wooden spatula. Insert a gaze or thin line over irritated or hairy areas. Leave at least 01 hours without letting it dry then rinse with lukewarm water.