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    VOW Nutrition

    VOW Nutrition

    VOW Nutrition's core mission: to provide scientifically backed yet affordable dietary supplements that contain the highest quality ingredients and the most innovative technologies in the industry.

    VOW nutrition products are used by world-class professional athletes and English Olympic teams.

    The idea: never have to compromise on quality over price. which means that every supplement you put into your body should be of the purest, most natural, and highest quality form.

    VOW nutrition X FOOTBOKS®

    In partnership with FOOTBOKS, VOW nutrition provides quality products..

    VOW nutrition gels (before / during / after match) have been validated by FOOTBOKS, its team and its sponsors..

    VOW nutrition was discovered with its MATCHDAY gels in the boxx FEBRUARY 2020 FOOTBOKS.

    The composition of the February box was as follows:


    Informed-Sport is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry and supplement manufacturing facilities.

    The program certifies that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that bear the Informed-Sport logo have been tested for banned substances by the world-class sports anti-doping laboratory, LGC.

    About the company

    VOW Nutrition is a sports supplement brand that is dedicated (VOW) to making the highest quality products with great integrity.

    At VOW Nutrition, the raw materials purchased are the purest and most potent. Rigorous laboratory tests are also carried out. they also adhere to third-party quality assurance practices such as programs Informed Sport and Informed Choice , and have an unwavering commitment to quality and safety.

    Their products are fully transparent and formulated with the purest patented ingredients backed by extensive scientific validation.

    A dedicated team of experts constantly seek to evaluate the latest research on important nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytochemical studies when testing new formulas to stay ahead of competitors.

    Safe product for top athletes?

    At VOW Nutrition, your reputation is taken as seriously as theirs.

    Up to one in ten supplements may be contaminated with ingredients and components banned in sport, so you need to ensure that your chosen nutritional partners view their product development as seriously as you do your performance.

    VOW Nutrition is committed to providing athletes of all levels with 100% clean and safe sports nutrition products free of banned substances.

    Every batch of every VOW Nutrition product is tested in LGC's world-class sports anti-doping lab and certified free of banned substances by Informed-Sport.

    Athletes who see the Informed-Sport logo on a product can be assured that it has undergone rigorous checks and tests to ensure that the product does not contain any substances banned by the NCAA, IOC and WADA.


    VOW Nutrition products are manufactured in the UK to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.».

    VOW nutrition also manufactures under the principles and guidelines of SGS GMP standards and their facilities are certified and approved by Informed Sport, to ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest possible standards.