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    Keita with the pros in Ligue 2

    The young attacker of Amiens Ibrahima Keita was summoned for the first time in Ligue 2 by Philippe Hinschberger this weekend during the match against Valenciennes.The Amiens won 2 goals at 0 thanks to two achievements by Chadrak Akolo, author of 6 goals this season.Even if Ibrahima did not come into play, the 20 -year -old still took advantage of this opportunity to put on his Footboks non -slip socks On the lawn of Hainaut.

    Ibrahima Keita
    Keita with her footboks socks

    Ibrahima Keita joined the #TeamfootBoks in 2019 when he was at the Amiens SC training center.Originally from Guinea, he arrived in France at the age of 11.Passed by CO Vincennes, Aubervilliers and Torcy, he joined the Amiens training center in 2019. Author of a great season with the U19, he had been able to make some appearances with the N3 in his first season.The rest of the course was in constant progress, holder with the reserve, a First climb with the pro and a few minutes of playing time in the French Cup, Then a summons in the group in Ligue 2. Strongly the continuation!

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    Crédit Photos: Amiens SC