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    15th Ligue 2 goal for Alex Mendy

    Caen striker Alex Mendy struck his family again in Dunkirk this weekend on the score of 2 goals to 1.

    Alexandre Mendy
    Alex Mendy well equipped

    The best goals/match ratio played in Ligue 2 this season

    The 27 -year -old Guinean Bissao International, a must -see element of Stéphane Moulin, scored his fifteenth goal this season.He is therefore now second top scorer in Ligue 2 to a unit behind the Toulousain Rhys Healey (16 goals) and in front of the Auxerrois Gaëtan Charbonnier (14 goals). Mendy even has the best Ligue 2 ratio in terms of goals/game played (0.58 against 0.57 for Healey).

    The best scorers in Ligue 2 this season

    Name Club goals Matchs Ratio
    1 Rhys Healey Toulouse 16 28 0,57
    2 Alexandre Mendy Caen 15 26 0,58
    3 Gaëtan Charbonnier Auxerre 14 26 0,54
    4 Branco Van den Boomen Toulouse 12 30 0,40
    5 Aliou Badji Amiens 11 21 0,52

    The native of Toulon passed in particular by Nice, Strasbourg, Nîmes, Guingamp, Bordeaux and Brest, has already greatly exceeded his best total of 10 goals in a season, during the 2015-2016 financial year with the OGC Nice in Ligue 1.With 7 days to play, Stade Malherbe de Caen points to sixth place in the Ligue 2 ranking, 8 lengths from FC Sochaux, fifth and last qualified to play the dams for the rise in Ligue 1.

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