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    Footboks with BVE futsal

    We were this Saturday in Viry Chatillon to attend the 8th finals of the National Cup Futsal between our partner club of BVE Futsal and the Lyonnais de l'Alf Futsal, both residents of R1.
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    We accompanied the players of BVE Futsal on the boost in the front match, the energy intake at halftime, hydration, and recovery. We were also present on the edge of the field with a visual footboks. In a completely crazy match, the BVE was first led 1-0 at the break, then 2-1 before overthrowing the meeting and taking the lead by leading 3-2 to only 3 minutes from the end of the game . In the last moments of the match, the ALF players placed a cruel against to equalize and tear out extensions. The Lyonnais, galvanized by this return, then pushed the nail twice to take off at 5-3 after the first half of extensions. Despite an incredible return from 5-3 to 5-5 in the last moments of extra time, the BVE Futsal finally lost on penalties, in a match that will have held all its promises on the field and in the atmosphere of Fire of Viry Chatillon's gymnasium.BVE
    BVE Futsal players

    Thank you to the leaders, players and coach for reception and availability.The Footboks team wishes the ALF Futsal good luck for the rest of the competition and obviously an excellent end of the season at BVE Futsal in the race for the climb!