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    ARNICRYO-K cryo spray

    ✔ Eformulated to relieve traumatic pain, reduce swelling, inflammation and bruisinges

    ✔ Ttemperature of -42 C at the nozzle outlet,, intense cold effect

    ✔ Exdash of arnica, 100% refrigerant gasnt


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    You will appreciate ARNICRYO-K after a shock or intense muscular exercise, indeed this aerosol has been specially developed to relieve pain of traumatic origin, reduce swelling, inflammation and bruising.chymoses.

    Cold quickly relieves pain. With a temperature of -42 C at the nozzle outlet, ARNICRYO-K aerosol provides an intense cold effect at the level of the trauma and thus makes it possible to quickly reduce pain and reduce inflammation and tension.ons.

    COMPOSITION: Arnica extract, 100% refrigerant gas. Guaranteed paraben-free, dye-free, GMO-free and without ingredients of animal origin.le.

    THE STAT: Medicafarm is a brand intended for professionals, mainly physiotherapists, it is found in particular in many hospitals and rehabilitation centers.ation.

    Usage tips

    This spray should be sprayed in a circular manner about 15 centimeters from the painful area.euse.

    Take care that the product does not touch open wounds..

    It does not stain or stick..

    This product was discovered in the February 2021 FOOTBOKS



    Médicafarm develops recognized natural professional care, used in many federations, clubs, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

    Thanks to the reliability of the products and their high efficiency, the brand occupies one of the leading positions among physiotherapists and health professionals.

    Each of the products are made in France.

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