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    Odour eliminator

    ✔ Eliminates odors in shoes, gloves, shin guards and other textiles

    ✔ Neutralizer to spray

    ✔ Available in club and group offers! (Contact us)

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    Usage tips
    • If shoes, remove insoles before spraying.r.
    • Spray the product directly on the fabric you want to refresh.r.
    • Allow to dry before use..

    The season is starting again and, during your sports practice, it is not only your textile clothing that suffers, but also your shoes and your accessories..

    Whatever your sport, there is always a part of your equipment that you want to refresh so that all eyes are not on you in the locker room when you take out your pair of crampons s 🙂

    This is the need that the Grangers odor eliminator

    Whether for the inside of your shoes, your gloves or your shin guards, the Grangers spray eliminates unpleasant odors.bles.

    This spray neutralizer is perfect for non-washable items..

    This product was discovered in the Footballs of August 2020


    This product is selected for you by the Footboks team. A rigorous control is carried out in order to offer you the best existing products on the market.

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