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    Massage ball

    ✔ Relieves muscle tension, particularly under the arch of the foot

    ✔ Releases toxins and improves circulation

    ✔ Helps reduce pain levels and eliminate knots

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    The large, spike-shaped massage ball can be used to release tight, uncomfortable muscles and can help release toxins and improve circulation.lation.

    It may be helpful to use them as a pair to work trigger points or for a dual muscle massage.e.

    You can use them with one in each hand, under each foot or to provide balance when placed on either side of the spine, or under the buttocks.sses.

    Usage tips
    To treat plantar fasciitis, stand or sit with the ball under your arch.
    Roll the ball from the heel to the toes using medium pressure.
    Repeat this movement back and forth several times. This technique is also very useful for runners!
    When the soles of your feet or heel are particularly painful, apply firm pressure and make small side-to-side movements with the ball.

    Remember that self-massage with a nub ball is not a permanent solution for pain relief, but rather an effective temporary solution.
    To achieve long-term results, use it as part of a healing regimen, in combination with icing, stretching and orthotic insoles (if necessary). If you still experience foot pain after using these methods at home, make an appointment with your podiatrist today!


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