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    Thai oil ATHLON RUB

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    ✔ NOTnew generation of thai oil promoting performance and recovery

    ✔ Romaintenance utin for athletes who use it before and after training to prepare for repeated intense physical efforts

    ✔ Trquickly absorbed, the formula is not too hot and the invigorating smell of wintergreen has been reduced


    Athlon Rub is the next generation of performance and recovery enhancing oil from Thailand. Thai oil has been used for generations, especially in combat sports.

    It is an integral part of the maintenance routine of athletes who use it before and after training to prepare for repeated intense physical efforts.

    It is very quickly absorbed, clothes can be worn within minutes of application. The formula is not too hot and the invigorating wintergreen scent has been reduced so that it is not too strong.

    FOR THE WARM-UP: Use the product to prepare for physical exertion. It is best applied when a brief sweating has started.

    IN RECOVERY: Massage into physically stressed muscle groups or all over the body.

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    Usage tips

    Shake the bottle well until the formula is foamy. Carefully spray the oil on a part of the body and massage generously. Do not apply to eyes, open wounds and sensitive parts.

    This product was discovered in the October 2020 FOOTBOKS


    Arnica Montana which relieves many common ailments.

    Turmeric , used for arthritis, heartburn, and more.

    Ginger : appreciated for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties.

    Also contains menthol, wintergreen, safflower seed oil, tocopherol, Eucalyptus leaf oil, soybean oil, beta-carotene and polysorbate 80.


    Athlon Rub

    Athlon Rub All Sport Oil is based on a traditional sports oil used in Thai martial arts. The idea is to add other proven natural ingredients to make the best sports rub on the market. Athlon Rub provides athletes of all levels with a safe and effective sport rub to help them warm up, train and recover..

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