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    Cryo Gel - 150ml

    ✔ Complément efficace warming up 

    With organic rosemary camphor essential oil and organic arnica flower extract

    ✔ Provides a feeling of warmth

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    A propos

    Gel Perf R3 SPORT is an effective complement to warming up. Organic rosemary camphor essential oil and organic arnica flower extract generate a feeling of warmth in the area of application which facilitates preparation for exercise..


    Supported by INSEP, high-level athlete Elimane Hanne joins forces with Laboratoire Cosmetosource to create a range of skincare products suitable for athletes

    Le gel R3 perf a was discovered in thespan> FOOTBOKS de Février 2023

    Usage tips

    Apply before exercise to slackened muscles then rub in Gel Perf R3 SPORT with a circular massage.

    RECOMMENDATIONS : External use only. Rinse thoroughly with clean water in case of contact with eyes.



    The Cosmetosource Laboratory, artisan-creator of cosmetics since 2007 is located in Fontannes, in Haute-Loire. Attached to its territory, Cosmetosource works with locally sourced raw materials such as essential oils, floral waters, green clay, etc.

    At a time when we are trying to recreate links, women and men of all ages are more and more seduced by organic cosmetics for their natural benefits and the well-being they provide.

    The young and dynamic Cosmetosource team is proud to be able to develop and present products whose organic ingredients are certified high quality..

    The Laboratory with its unique know-how, is located in the heart of Auvergne, the surrounding green landscapes encourage respect for the creation and manufacturing chain for exceptional quality. An essential key to a journey of beauty, comfort and self-esteem.


    This product is selected for you by the Footboks team. A rigorous control is carried out in order to offer you the best existing products on the market.

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