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    NEW - Footboks resistance bands

    Footboks resistance bands

    Resistance bands: an ideal product for warm -up

    Footboks resistance bands are now available on the online store!These elastic bands are to be used in heating to then carry out a good session by limiting the risk of injury.The strips allow you to warm up and activate the muscles of your legs before your training sessions and your matches.The footboks pack contains five strips of different colors which correspond to five levels of resistance.All this to obviously allow you to vary the exercises and the intensities.

    • Black: very strong resistance
    • Red: strong resistance
    • Yellow: average resistance
    • Blue: low resistance
    • Green: very low resistance
    Bandes de résistance Footboks
    Activation of hip flexors

    Varied exercises to activate different muscles

    Elastic bands are used in many clubs and exercises may target different parts of the body.They allow you in particular to hire glutes, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps and thighs individually and in a controlled manner, thus activating these important muscles which will be used during training or match.Here are some exercises that you can do in heating:

    Find the footboks resistance bands on the online store by clicking here.