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    Lucas Gourna-Douath (ASSE) joins the #TeamFOOTBOKS

    Lucas Gourna Douath, 17-year-old midfielder and great hope of the 2003 generation is also captain of the France U17 team. He has just celebrated his first tenure in Ligue 1 with AS Saint-Etienne.

    Born in 2003 in Villeneuve Saint Georges, Lucas Gourna Douath started playing football in Seine et Marne at the age of 5. He took his first license at AS Lieusaint where he played until he was 9 years old before joining the neighboring club US Sénart Moissy. Lucas will stay there for 5 seasons, integrating in parallel the hope pole of Reims. Always outclassed, he impresses with his maturity, as Mark Akakpovi, his last coach at Sénart Moissy, points out:« Lucas is very mature and very composed. An image that he has not always cleared in the eyes of everyone, although I have always known him that way. Today, he manages to convey this impression to everyone. So much the better, it is that he has managed to correct a few points in his way of being. »

    After a season at US Torcy, Lucas Gourna joined the ASSE training center in 2018. He received his first summons to the French team in September 2018 and was subsequently named captain of the U17s on several occasions. He now has 11 selections with the U16s and 4 with the French U17s. Continuing his ascent, he joined the ASSE pro group at the end of the 2019-2020 season at just 16 years old and signed his first pro contract in June 2020. After a few entries during the match, coach Claude Puel established him for the first time in Ligue 1 during the derby against OL on 8 November. The beginning of a beautiful story !