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    Lilian Brassier (Stade Brestois): "This is just the beginning for me

    After a start to the season spent waiting for his hour, the central defender of the Brest stadium loaned by Stade Rennais now chains the tenure and the great performances in Ligue 1. At only 21, Lilian Brassier is the defender who goes up.Interview #TeamfootBoks.

    Hi Lilian, we had exchanged last year during confinement, what have you become for almost a year ?

    Hi Team, we talked about last April it's true.We were on a good momentum with Valenciennes in Ligue 2, we played 5th place.The season unfortunately stopped after the health crisis.Since it was the end of my loan, I followed up with the recovery in Rennes, I made the preparation, I chained the training, and at one point I realized that I had to aNew challenge to impose myself in a team since I knew that it was going to be more complicated in Rennes with the workforce and the objectives of the season.The team had strengthened for the Champions League and I knew that with my young age I had to find a project on my scale to play.I wanted to discover Ligue 1 and I was lucky to be able to do it with the Brestois stadium.

    How was your arrival in Brest?

    Most of the time, when there is a new one in a club, the easiest way is to make it comfortable and that is what happened for me.I discovered new heads, apart from Hianga’a Mbock and Ludo Baal that I already knew.The group is quite young so it's easy to integrate, but we also have players with more experience.

    And life in Brest then ?

    This is an environment where you can focus on your season, it is a quiet city in which you feel comfortable and without pressure.

    You took a long time before you start, how did you experience it?

    Yes it is not easy when you train, you train and in the end you see that you do not play, that you do not go into play. You question yourself, you wonder, but the mostImportant in this situation is not to doubt, to stay focused, and of course to exchange with your coach.You have to know how to remain determined.

    His arrival in Brest

    How long you stayed without playing ?

    I will easily tell you two months, two and a half months with training.I was exchanging with the coach who reassured me by telling myself that the door was going to open and that it was necessary to continue by working always more, and that when it was going to open you should not miss the check.

    It made you redouble their efforts ?

    Sure, when you exchange with the coach and reassures you, it boosts.I have shown even more desire for training.I wanted to show the coach that I really wanted to be in the eleven on match days.It was necessary to redo the same efforts every day, to have a high level of requirement to show that I wanted my place on weekends.And in the end, as the saying says, the work always pays, and when it materializes you tell yourself that you have not done all that for nothing.

    When do you play the first time and what do you say?

    I made my first match in November against Saint-Etienne, we won 4-1 and it was a great game of the team, it was nice to start with a victory.I told myself that you shouldn't stop there.This is only the beginning for me, I haven't done anything yet.After that it is sure that it is fun on its beginnings of having a result like that but it must boost to have even more in the future.

    At a time when we talk to each other, Brest is 16th in Ligue 1. What can you do better collectively?

    It’s complicated to tell you what we can do better but we have to use the previous matches.If there is one thing to correct it may be not making a good game to make a good game. We must say that at the end of the match we have to come back with the 3 points or 1 point at leastTo run the counter.This is what makes us lack this second part of the season.

    A first goal in Lilian Brassier in Lilian Brassier against Olympique de Marseille

    You opened your goal counter against OM at the Vélodrome, tells!

    It's a lot of emotion, we think of a lot of things, it's pride.You make lots of images at the same time, you are proud, you famous, but you come back down quickly to stay focused in your match.At that time of the match there are 1-1, there are about fifteen minutes left and you have to hold the barracks, which unfortunately has not been able to do.This match remained in our heads because it was striking about how it took place for Marseille on the end (Editor's note: Brest 3 goals to 1).I would say that this is a reference match for us on this subject, to no longer undergo this kind of thing.

    You would have imagined one day going to deceiveMandanda ?

    Already I didn't even imagine scoring, but when you see the ball coming and you tell yourself that you can take it well, it cannot be discussed, it is done quite naturally.I have a good ball, I jump quite high too, I win my duel, that is goal and so much the better !

    His impressions on the championship

    You practiced Ligue 2 last year with the VAFC, do you see differences with Ligue 1?

    The concentration already, you always have to be on the lookout.You should know where your opponent is, where your partners are, you should not have time to reflect.There are also much fewer technical errors in Ligue 1, it's obvious and at this level you notice it directly.Ligue 1 players also need little actions to put it basically.A small error of attention, a hesitation and that's goal.You just have to hesitate on an outing or a choice to see the ball at the bottom of the cages.You have to make the right choices at the right time and quickly.

    What are your main qualities and improvement points ?

    On the qualities I would say the outlets of the ball and the contacts, the duels.I win a lot of duels and I have a fairly good vision of play. On the improvement points, as a central defender it is the decision -making and the concentration on which I can progress.

    If you had to bring out an attacker among those you could face ...

    Jovetic.Against Monaco he returns and he has ... this is not a real opportunity ... and it is not close to the goal either ... but he has a small open angle and he makes a kind of pass-tier and he holds it to thebottom.It was from there that I understood that there was a level really above.

    Lilian Brassier and FOOTBOKS

    How did you know Footboks?What do you think about it ?

    My agent told me about it.When you know how to use the products it's not bad at all.As soon as I need it I use any potato.I take this for the match, these are good products, when you take them you don't have a stomach in pain or anything.I like what you offer.There is everything, products for training to give you energy, snacks if after training you have a little hollow to avoid going to take stupid things.Frankly, it is structured with the small explanatory booklet.It helps instead of taking things you don't know or that you don't need.I don't know you may take an orange before a match and you're not going to digest it, with that at least there is no risk.

    What are your favorite products?

    Les Gels with caffeine This is what I take most.After I also take the hydro pastilles, there were with caffeine elsewhere.This is the ones I took when I scored against Marseille.

    What can we wish you For the end of the season?

    Maintaining with Brest and why not score a second goal !

    Interview on 04/02/2021