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    How to prepare yourself mentally for your new sporting season and approach it calmly

    The new sports season has already started for many of you. For others, she arrives soon. A new sports season is a new challenge, a year that will be made of successes, failures, satisfaction and frustrations, pleasure and moment of stress, good and unpleasant surprises. Success is built throughout the season. Over the competition. Being mentally ready allows you to perform better in competition. It is necessary to put things in place at the start of the year, and to do regular follow -up. Mental preparation is just as important as technical and physical preparation. Whether you are in individual or collective sport. In collective sport, you obviously do not have all the cards in hand. And everything does not depend on you. However there are several aspects and levers on which you can act to be efficient. It is crucial to prepare for different aspects, so as not to reproduce the errors you may have made the previous season, be able to do better, and above all approach this serene and confident season. It is important to be able to put the odds on your side for your personal success. In this article, I will share you with several steps and good practices to be implemented from the start of this season, in order to be serene, more efficient and confident.   Take stock of the past season  This is the first good practice to set up every start to the season.This allows you to see what has been for you and what has been less.Analyzing your last season is essential.This is the basis of any mental preparation work.To do this, you can take a few minutes to answer these questions.
    • How was your last season generally ?
    • What was ?
    • What was less ?
    • What depended and did not depend on you ?
      Individualy :  Taking into account each of these aspects : Results/techniques/physics/mind  
    • How do you assess your season ?
    • What was ?
    • What are your successes and the things you are proud of ?
    • What have you set up/do to succeed this ?
    • What was less ?
    • How could you do differently to prevent this from happening again ?
      By taking the time to think about these questions and note them, you will have :
    • A global view of your past season
    • You will know what has worked and what you will be able to reuse
    • Which has not been and what you can do differently this season.
      Relational point of view
    • How this season went with your coach ?
    • With your teammates ?
    • What could you put in place to improve things if necessary ?
      Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses It is important to be able to assess yourself to find out what you need to work on.But also the strengths on which you will be able to continue to support yourself to progress again.This requires introspection, reflection.  The game is worth the candle and this will allow you to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.   On the following aspects :
    • Physics
    • Mental
    • Technique
    • Communication with others
    • What are your strengths ?
      Example :   Physics : « I am fast and powerful » Technique : « I'm good and know how to do the right gesture at the right time » Mental : « I keep my cold in all circumstances » Communication : « I have a good relationship with my teammates ».  
    • What are your weaknesses/points to work on the same aspects ?
      You will also be able to mentally assess yourself (in general), on the following aspects : On a scale of 0 to 10, you will be able to indicate a figure for each of its aspects of the mind.   Stress and pressure management :  How do you manage your stress before and during competitions ?   Concentration What is your level of concentration during the games ?   Internal dialogue How do you manage your internal speech also says « interior voice. »   Motivation What is your level of motivation in general ?   Emotions How do you manage your emotions in competition ?   Confidence What is the level of confidence in you and your abilities ?   Define your goals  Depending on what you have indicated earlier, you will be able to define your personal goals for this season.   Examples :
    • Play holder as many games as possible
    • Better manage stress in match
    • Be more confident during actions
    • Be more concentrated when you miss something
    • Gain aggressiveness and go more in contact
    • Be more serene when things do not go as planned in competition
    • Rebooster your motivation when you train
      Put your action plan in place Depending on what you have indicated in your goals, you will be able to set up a specific action plan.An objective without an action plan is useless.It is like an architect who develops houses, who has plans, who knows what to be done, but who does not contact any craftsman or providers.The house will not be built on itself.And will remain at the draft stadium, if it does not put in place your action plan will therefore depend on your goals.It can be for example :   Stress management :
    • Goals: better manage stress during the games
    • Action plan:
    • Make 15 minutes of meditation and relaxation before the match
    • Make 15 minutes of self -hypnosis the day before
    • Become aware of stress during the match and have a positive dialogue towards yourself to soothe you : Using type caregivers : « stay calm » It will be alright »
      Use daily routines Daily routines make it possible to set up habits.You can have different.The whole thing is to be able to find helping habits for you.
    • Make a 30min sports session every morning
    • Take 5 min each morning to assess your mental/physics state : « How I feel this morning ? »
    • Each evening take 10min to analyze your day and the positive points
    • Each evening doing 10 minutes of relaxation
    • Before each training to self -sauce and motivate you
    • After each training raise 3 positive points and 1 axis of improvement
      Use a on -board notebook (daily or weekly) The logbook allows you to follow your progress and progress.It also allows you to become aware of your feelings, emotions, physical form and mental form.To be able to rectify the shot quickly if you see that something is wrong, and also to see everything you put in place.A bit like a tracker that allows you to note everything.It is motivating, reassuring, and very effective in your logbook you can indicate
    • Your successes/ what worked well
    • What you are proud of
    • What has been less for you
    • How do you feel : motivation, level of fatigue, stress
      By applying these different practices, you will be able to approach serenely and entrust this new season.You will have effective tools, and will quickly see the progress you can make.You will strengthen your mind, your confidence, your motivation, which are performance levers.   Yanice Gauzelin Mental trainer & Hypnotherapist Former boxer and MMA fighter