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    Lilian Brassier opens his Ligue 1 goal account

    The defender of Stade Brestois Lilian Brassier opened its goals goals in Ligue 1 last night at the Vélodrome against Olympique de Marseille during the defeat of the Brestois three goals to one.After the opening of the Milik scoring at the very end of the first period, Brassier took advantage of a good ball deposited by Romain Faivre to come and cheat Mandanda with a pretty head and put the two teams tied (71st).

    The men of Olivier Dall'oglio failed to hold the score since Thauvin (88th) and Cuisance (92nd) came to seal the Marseille victory in the last moments of the game.

    The summary of the match with the goal of Lilian Brassier

    Lilian Brassier's opinion on Footboks

    "Footboks, I was told about it by telling me that it was products for athletes who made it possible to improve performance and optimize recovery. These are things that I really like, that I was already looking forMyself. Afterwards, in the box there is a bit of everything, it's really complete and you know what you have to take and when to take it. The product guide helps a lot because I don't hide you that'At the beginning I had not mastered everything, but I took the time to read it and it's really not bad. "