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    Cifbou: "To join a professional club one day"

    Cifbou: "join a professional club one day"

    From Clermont Foot to a test with the U21 of Fulham via the Lyon clubs La Duchère or AS Minguettes, we traced the footbalistic course of the 23 -year -old Clermont influencer Cifbou.And the least we can say is that it sends Mameyne.
    Cifbou and his favorite shorts

    Hi Cifbou, you can introduce yourself rapidly ?

    My name is a goat, I am 23 years old, I come from Clermont-Ferrand and I am influencer.I wanted to be a footballer and I became a snapchactor ! But it's not over eh.

    What do you do on snap ?

    I make videos, all kinds of videos, where I dribble players, where I dance, where I leave jokes, and at the time I even made videos where I was fighting.But it's over, it was before that, I stopped the fights.Suddenly I focus on sport, humor, dance, everything in energy, energy expenditure.

    Did you play football at a good level, can you tell us about your journey?

    Until the age of 15 I was at Clermont Foot Auvergne.But since I was a little too small in size and that they found that I was not physical enough they did not keep me.I told them, however, that I was going to grow up, but they didn't believe me ! After that I went to the Lyon region where I played in Lyon the Duchère by being upgraded.I was in U17 but I sometimes played with the U19s.Then I went to Vénissieux at AS Minguettes and went to England in a French Academy.We made matches against the U21 of pro clubs and that's how the Fulham club saw me play, and they liked my profile.I went to test there with the U21, it was in 2016 so I was 19 years old.It went pretty well on the field, but at the level of the language I really understood nothing, so I think it did not help and suddenly it did not materialize.

    And after that ?

    I came back to France, I made a video that made the buzz and I started in there.The video that buzzed me, I was contacted for many projects, to play in series, so I focused on my snap and the videos.I stopped club football for 2 years, but I still trained on my side without having regained a license.

    What player's profile are you ?

    I am a versatile player on attacking midfielders.I can play in the axis or on the sides.

    In the axis ? But you never let go of your balloon !

    I have always made more assists than everyone ! Afterwards, I am a technical player, I don't praise myself, but I can't lie to myself (he laughs).

    Speaking of technique, what are your main qualities ?

    I am lively, technical, fast too.In fact I have all the qualities eh, I am tall ... When I was 15 years old I was missing the physical actually, and the size.I was growing up, but I stayed on Snapchat While I know I can play in a good level club.

    Cifbou in his dribbles

    You would be ready to go and test ?

    Carefully, if there are clubs that are testing, even in the Vosges or Norway, I go direct.I really want to resume football in a real club.There with the Covid it's a bit complicated, it has demoralized everyone but we'll see for next season.

    You're getting ready To try something ?

    I prepare and train for that in case I have to try a club.I run a lot, I work physically strength, power, endurance.I do this solo and I also make games when I can out of Covid in times to stay in pace.

    Do you think it's compatible to combine pro football with another activity & nbsp; with a big notoriety?

    Yes it is compatible, there is indeed Dinor who makes rap and football.What is good is that for some clubs this notoriety player profile can lead to visibility and help promote the club.Afterwards, I know that if one day I can make a good course in football there are some of my videos before that could come out.But it was my life before, and any man can change.I don't care too much about what people think so it goes above, and then Jamie Vardy did prison, there are also footballers who have done bullshit.

    You keep foot in the head at 23 ?

    The route is not over, my hope is to one day join a professional club, and when you see Ribéry, Rami or Mahrez who have broken quite late, it is inspiring.Especially Mahrez, a technical left -hander who had the same feedback on the fact that he was not physical enough in young people.To be well armed, I really have to prove myself in a club in a season and I can come back to my best level.

    What are your improvement points in the field?

    Sometimes I know I'm too personal, I like having the ball too much.Before I also got angry very quickly, I did not have the mind, I put everything back on the fault of the others and I never said that it was my fault.If I had this mind and I had listened to all the instructions I would be on TV ! Today, with maturity, I am no longer in the same state of mind as before, I am more mentally, and I know that this was missing at the time.

    It's youth !

    It is youth but it is true that I was particularly dissipated, more dispersed than the others.I laughed for everything and for nothing, and it played tricks on me.On several tournaments I have made when I was younger, I saw the recruiters going to talk about me with the coach.But you see I remember one time I was in the stands after the match, the Auxerre recruiter told my coach that I was really not bad, and I heard my coach replied that I'was a disturbing element.That's how it was, I was not in the players who were highlighted.

    You play a little futsal ?

    I was doing it on Friday in the neighborhood when the gymnasium was open, but I prefer football at 11, this is where we see the real football players.

    The Cifbou team in Vaulx en velin

    You can tell us about the Cifbou team ?

    It’s up to CAN we created in Clermont-ferrand and that worked really well.During the CAN I saw a lot of good players, and we did a little team with those with whom I got along well.The team is super good, good atmosphere, collective.For the moment we've made a match in Lyon and a tournament in Vaulx en velin.There with the epidemic it's hot, but I would like to redo a tournament with a few other teams like FC Beaudottes, the Team de Maes.Footkorner has a tournament project, it would be good if it materializes after all that.

    On this tournament in Vaulx en velin there were a lot of guests, that was the best ?

    Maes it is not bad, even if it has not played very long at the tournament.The German he also plays well, he lacks a little speed but it shows that he is technical and that he has played football, he has balloon.He is from my neighborhood in Lyon, he played in Vénissieux, it is the Frérot.

    Cifbou and German

    When you play, is your individual performance important for you ?

    Yes performance is very important for me, already so that I am well in my skin, so that when I go home I sleep well too because when I am null I sleep pretty badly.You imagine people they looked at me, I do cinema on snapchat, I show my technical gestures, and they saw me in real life they will say woooohh null to ch *** actually cifbou (he laughs))

    You know the videos on your real level that will go out soon ?

    This is a montage, I tell you, don't believe that ! The footboks haters have made a montage against me but hey, I will file a complaint.There is only one error and you filmed just at that time!

    How did you know FOOTBOKS ?

    We knew each other at a tournament in Vaulx en velin. Frankly really nice guys eh.I took their products before the tournament, I was another man later.  Two weeks before I had made a match and I was tired.There I took the products before playing and I did a sick tournament!I don't know if it was that Footboks but I was really fitter!It’s a nice concept that can help lots of players.

    You have a favorite product ?

    Protein cookies They really boost and they are too good.

    You prefer which ones ?

    I prefer them all ! Whites, chocolate those, you put a box with me with cookies I take it with pleasure !

    You have something else to add ?

    Continue to follow Footboks, beyond their work, it's really good people.Force to you and forces us.