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    Hot water bottle / ice pack

    ✔ Ismart and convertible!

    ✔ Hot pocket or cold pocket, it's your choice!

    ✔ En ice pack: very useful for acute pain and local inflammation, cold is also a good venotonic.



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    Care advice
    1. Empty the bladder
    2. Wash in soapy water
    3. Disinfect
    4. Rinse, check for leaks
    5. Dry and powder the inside and outside of the bladder (turn it over and let it air dry)
    6. Store the open bladder in a dry place, close to its cap

    Finally a very easy to use hot water bottle!

    All you have to do is fill the ice pack halfway, then close the cap tightly.

    Then check its tightness by turning it upside down, then apply the pouch to the area to be relieved. You can alsosurround with a cloth so that it is not in direct contact with the skin.


    • Should never be in direct contact with the skin (risk of burns)
    • Never apply it on the rib cage (fragility of the pulmonary alveoli)
    • Do not put in the microwave!

    Not only can you use it in the classic way by filling it with hot water (a third is enough), but you can also convert it into an ice pack: very useful for acute pain and local inflammation, cold is also a good veinotonic.

    All you have to do is put about ten ice cubes in it, add a quarter of cold water, and you're done!

    In both cases, make sure to close the cap correctly, and check the good seal by reversing the bag before use.

    You can also apply a cloth between your skin and the pocket, if the temperature difference is too great.


    • This is the fastest way to cool a sick person.
    • It is an alternative to a cool bath (2 below the patient's temperature)..
    • It is an effective method, but often badly experienced by the patient because it is unpleasant and tiring.


    • Used for chronic pain: osteoarthritis of the limbs and various degenerative rheumatic pathologies (ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis) or neurodegenerative pathologies (MS, ALS)
    • On organs (liver, pancreas, stomach) for patients suffering from cancer
    • Used for acute pain: following a shock, or post-operative
    Preparation, implementation and follow-up


    After hand washing:

    • Fill the bag ¾ full with ice cubes (quickly run under hot water, if sharp) or hot water
    • Release the air Expel the remaining air by twisting the top of the bladder and put the cap onn
    • Close it, wipe it and wrap it in its protection


    • Place protection under the area to be treated
    • Checks the condition of the skin
    • Replace the pocket on the area to be treated
    • Regularly check that the hot water bottle is not leaking
    • Renew as often as necessary and according to the medical prescription


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