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    Footboks PRO™ Recovery Boots

    Footboks PRO™ compression boots are an innovative pressotherapy device that allows you to recover faster after exercise and reduce aches and heavy legs. Footboks backpack included.

     Fast and targeted recovery thanks to 8 compression chambers

     6 programs smart massagers

     A built-in batteryallowing a use on the go

     Promotes thecirculation sanguine and thelymphatic drainage 

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    The pressotherapy

    Recovery boots work on the principle of pressotherapy in order to relax and eliminate metabolic waste that accumulates in your muscles.

    Pressotherapy is a technique used to promote blood and lymphatic circulation. It consists of using boots that exert progressive pressure on the legs to stimulate blood circulation, aidant à réduire la fatigue musculaire and the heavy legs effect.

    Historically used in the offices of healthcare professionals, this technology can now be used at home or on the go, at an affordable price.

    Nos bottes de récupération benefit from advanced technology with 8 inner tubes qui inflate at regular intervals according to the chosen program. 

    Optimise ta récupération

    Footboks recovery boots will allow you to récupérer plus quickly after exercise in order to to be able to continue as best as possible from the next session. recovery boots diminuent the risk of inflammation and muscle soreness associated with body aches, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

    8 compression chambers

    The number of compression chambers is an essential part of choosing between two pairs of recovery boots. The more compression chambers there are, the more precise and quality the massage can be, allowing better elimination of toxins. With their 8 compression chambers, the Footboks PRO™ boots are tailored to the needs of professional gamers. It is possible to deactivate each room individually to be able to use the boots even in the event of ankle or calf discomfort, for example.

    6 programmes de massage

    Footboks PRO™ recovery boots have 6 smart massage programs to choose from according to your desires and needs.

    Quelle taille choisir ?

    Size S/M: suitable for an inside leg length of up to 77cm (indicative height of the person: from 1.55m to 1.65m)

    Taille L : suitable for an inside leg length between 78 and 99cm (indicative height of the person: from 1.65m to 1.80m)

    Taille XL :suitable for an inside leg length of 1m and more (indicative height of the person: from 1.80m)



    User Manual

    Download Footboks User Manual PRO™

    Box contents

    2 Footboks PRO™ recovery boots with their cables

    1 Footboks control box

    1 backpack Footboks to carry your boots everywhere

    1 mains charger

    1 user manual

    frequently asked Questions

    Why Choose Footboks Boots PRO™ ?

    THE bottes Footboks PRO™ benefit from advanced technology with 8 compression chambers and variable pressure ranging from 80 to 260mmHg. These technical characteristics make it possible to maximize the benefits of your pressotherapy sessions with Footboks PRO™.

    Anxious to offer you the best value for money, we have opted for an attractive positioning compared to the solutions of competing companies with 8 compression chambers.

    Many professional and amateur players trust us to optimize their performance and recovery, why not you?

    When should I use the boots to optimize my recovery?

    To maximize the effects on recovery, it is recommended to use the boots as soon as possible after exercise.

    Are boots useful for warming up?

    It is quite possible to use the boots for a muscle warm-up before a match or training. In this case, we recommend a relatively short session of 10 to 20 minutes with moderate pressure intensity.

    Can I use the boots on the go?

    Yes, the boots do not need to be plugged into the mains to work. The integrated battery allows between 3 and 4 hours of use depending on the level of pressure chosen.

    How to be sure of the size of the boots?

    Size S/M: csuitable for an inside leg length of up to 77cm (indicative height of the person: from 1.55m to 1.65m)

    Size L : suitable for an inside leg length between 78 and 99cm (indicative height of the person: from 1.65m to 1.80m)

    Size XL : suitable for an inside leg length of 1m and more (indicative height of the person: from 1.80m)

    Do the boots got a guarantyt?

    Footboks PRO boots™ are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects under normal use. The warranty takes effect from the day of delivery of the product. However, the warranty cannot be activated if the problem results from abnormal use, incorrect or deliberately damaging handling of the product, or normal wear and tear.

    Footboks PRO™ is it a medical device? 

    Footboks PRO™ is not a medical product. In case of questions concerning medicine or health, please contact your general practitioner who will be able to provide you with all the appropriate advice. 

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