Hydro Tabs ORS


Each box contains 20 tablets.

Inspired by the World Health Organization (WHO) rehydration solution, O.R.S Sport contains both a proven hydration formula and extra electrolytes to reduce fatigue and support muscle function.

By replacing the salts and minerals your body loses in sweat during exercise, O.R.S Sport allows your body to restore electrolyte balance and absorb more water, faster.

Because fluids are absorbed immediately and circulate through your body sooner instead of passing through your entire digestive system, you’ll feel the benefits of rehydration up to three times faster.



How to use?

Dissolve one O.R.S tab in 500 ml of water.

The Hydro Tabs can be used before or during exercise to ensure a good level of hydration during training or the match.

This product was discovered in the FOOTBOKS of June 2020.

Energy (kJ)81733
Energy (Kcal)1958
fat (g)00
of which saturates(g)00
Carbohydrates (g)12,30,49
of which sugars (g)0,90,04
Fibre (g)3,20,13
Protein (g)0,10,004
Salt (g)22,90,9
Vitamin D2.5μg (50%*)
Riboflavin0.43mg (31%*)
Potassium98.6mg (9%*)
Chloride177mg (22%*)
Magnesium56mg (15%*)
  • in % daily requirements

Dextrose monohydrate (glucose syrup); Citric acid; Acidity regulator [sodium bicarbonate]; Magnesium carbonate; Potassium chloride; Sodium chloride; Anti-caking agent (corn starch); Natural orange flavouring (maltodextrin, dextrin, flavouring preparations, natural flavouring substances); Sweetener (sucralose); Colour (beet juice concentrate); Cholecalciferol (sucrose, acacia, maize starch, medium chain triglycerides, silicon dioxide, vitamin D3, DL-alpha-tocopherol); Riboflavin.

About the supplier

O.R.S. Sport

O.R.S Hydration Tablets is a product of Clinova, a UK-based consumer healthcare company focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of healthcare products and medical devices.

“We use O.R.S. hydration products before, during and after workouts. Beverages are a perfect combination of fluid and electrolytes to keep players hydrated throughout the day. »

Hannah Sherdian, Tottenham Hotspur nutritionist

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