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    35€ every two months with each new box

    You are looking for performance in the practice of your sport The subscription is made for you! Receive your Footboks every two months with a new selection of performance aids to give the best on the pitch! The subscription is::

    • Your Box delivered to you every 2 months
    • A fifteen products per box
    • A gift to subscribers at each box
    • The delivery offered in France
    • A levy secured

    Subscribe and receive the next Footboks

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    Why subscribe?

    The simplicity

    The subscription is the solution that allows you to be sure to receive your box every two months without having to do anything, you can focus on your performance!


    Yes, it's really without obligation! So you can stop or reactivate your subscription in 1 click from your account, it's settled immediately!

    Exclusive benefits

    Footboks subscribers benefit from FREE DELIVERY and exclusive gifts in each box! Your trust is rewarded every two months.

    Find a new Footboks every two months with a selection of performance, hydration, recovery products, and technical accessories adapted to the practice of football and futsal
    (energy chewing gum, energy bars, energy gels and many other products)
    to give the best of yourself in matches and in training

    (hydration sachets, exercise drinks, etc.)
    to compensate for water and mineral salt losses
    (recovery drinks, creams, gels, massage oils etc)
    to be able to manage the repetition of efforts

    (technical, textile or training)
    adapted to your practice and your morphology

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    This product is selected for you by the Footboks team. A rigorous control is carried out in order to offer you the best existing products on the market.

    The quality requirement

    We select the best products for footballers, which is why professional and amateur players trust us. Join the #TeamFootboks and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.