FOOTBOKS – August 2020


The FOOTBOKS of August 2020 is the box with 13 products (14 for subscribers) some of which have never been seen before in Europe !

Here is its composition :

All these products are available individually in our store!

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Greetings to you dear member of #TEAMFOOTBOKS.

So this is it, is it the resumption?

We hope that your prep went well and that you survived the ball-less workouts and split sessions. For the return of the championship, we went to select for you a mix of products that should allow you to fuel from the first games!

You will find in your FOOTBOKS of August no less than 13 products (14 for subscribers).

You will find already known suppliers such as SiS which supplies Premier League clubs, PAS which supplies Newcastle, Brighton, Swansea or Soccer Supplement which supplies the West Ham club.

In terms of our news, you may have seen that we have equipped FC Beaudottes de Maes or Team Cifbou with Clermont Ferrand’s influence.

We also participated in the resumption of the senior group of the FCM Garges by equipping all the players to whom we wish an excellent season. Good resumption to you, and thank you for your confidence!