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    Alexander Broquet: "Football is also about invisible work"

    Alexander Broquet, 19, left side of AS Poissy in N2 tells us about his confinement. Passed by the US Villejuif and the training center of Amiens, the young player is back at home in Saint-Maur where he imposes a daily discipline to keep the rhythm despite the cessation of competitions.

    Hi Alex, how are you?

    It's going great, I'm in great shape, I went home to Saint-Maur in the 94. When I saw that the season was over I came back to spend the rest of the confinement with the family.

    Everything is going well?

    Yes everything is going well, I respect the confinement well, I stay at home, I just go out to run, I do rounds of the block, I really stay close. I respect the instructions as much as possible, the most important thing is health and staying at home, so stay at home ».

    How is your typical day going?

    I usually get up around 11 a.m. or noon, I still rest, huh! Afterwards I either have a kind of very English brunch, so a good breakfast with cakes and fruit juice to take vitamins, or I just have a coffee and we eat with the family around 1-2 p.m. I do my sessions at the end of the afternoon around 5-6 p.m., it's sunny and it's not too hot so it's ideal. After my sessions I always end up with muscle strengthening, it's important. I really try to do it every day so as not to lose muscle mass, that's the key during this confinement. I continue with a small shower, we eat as a family and I watch TV or series, and I generally go to bed around 1 or 2 a.m. It's quite late but with confinement it's complicated to keep a rhythm where you get up early and go to bed early.

    How does the sequel look for you??

    The N2 championship was stopped and the rankings stopped on the 21st day, so the season is over. It's a little frustrating that it ended like this but hey, we held on by finishing 13th. I think we deserved better but in the end the maintenance is the main thing. Now we try to stay in shape, to prepare for next season. There is nothing fixed for me for the future, I have contacts with several clubs so I am preparing myself well physically and mentally. I always have new goals to achieve and it seems important to me to keep in shape for my future sports project.

    Alexander Broquet
    Alexander Broquet in the colors of AS Poissy

    Precisely, how do you maintain yourself during confinement?

    Already these are individual sessions because confinement requires it. Afterwards, I am lucky to have a garden so I do small personalized sessions with the ball. But otherwise it's either 45 min jogging with reinforcement behind, or aerobic work so 15/15 in the form of sprints, with 15 seconds of effort and 15 seconds of recovery, or 30/15 with support work. I try to vary the sessions as much as I can so as not to get tired of repetition. As soon as I finish my jogging or my aerobic session, I continue with upper or lower body strengthening work to keep in top shape.

    How do you maintain motivation in this particular environment??

    You just have to stay mentally strong, especially since personally I was in a good dynamic, I felt good, there were about ten games left to play so it's very frustrating not to be able to finish this season. I manage to stay serious but mentally it requires an extra effort, it's always more pleasant to train as a team when you practice a collective sport.

    You have been part of the FOOTBOKS adventure from the start, can you tell us a bit about it??

    Yes it's true that I had the chance to be among the first to test the FOOTBOKS, I immediately liked the project, I directly joined. I found the concept really interesting for the performance of footballers and athletes in general. In terms of products, it's great for performance, it boosts well with a real energy supply on products such as gels, drinks, and chewing gum also before the match or training session. It also helps to optimize recovery, when the body is tired there are products that help a lot. There is really quality in the boxes, with products that are used in particular in pro clubs. I am thinking of the Science in Sport products that are used at Manchester United and other big clubs. It's really effective.

    Alexander Broquet in confinement

    Which products did you like the most??

    I have little favorites, I love themenergizing chewing gum, it's really my must have, before training or games, if I don't have my little chewing gum it's not the same. Caffeine brings a plus, it allows me to concentrate well, I feel good.Gels are great too, you take it before the match or at half-time it boosts you and it gives you the little more energy. Recovery level if I feel a little discomfort or a little pain I use thearnica cream where thecryo freeze, it allows me to recover well. All the products really optimize performance and recovery and that's what makes the difference.

    How do you manage the invisible work?

    Behind the matches and training there is a lot of work and discipline. I don't drink alcohol, I've never smoked in my life, I think it's important for the body. Sleep well, be aware that football is not just the pitch, football is also all the invisible work, your recovery. We do not see the athlete who does his strengthening sessions behind his training, the one who pays attention to his diet, but that is what is important. I try to respect all of this and in confinement, I limit food by trying not to eat too much! It was Easter with chocolate, so I was really careful.