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    Resistance bands

    ✔ 5 bands with 5 different resistances, delivered in a carrying bag.

    ✔ Ideal for an active warm-up to limit the risk of injury.

     ✔ High quality : High quality latex resistance bands. Ecological and non-toxic for the body.

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      A good warm-up is essential to have a good session and limit the risk of injury.

      Footboks resistance bands allow you to warm up and activate your leg muscles before your training sessions and matches.

      The pack contains five bands corresponding to five different resistance levels to allow you to vary the exercises and intensities.

      • Black: very strong resistance
      • Red: strong resistance
      • YELLOW: medium resistance
      • Blue: low resistance
      • Green: very low resistance

      To optimize your training sessions and prevent the risk of injury, it is very important to properly warm up your leg muscles before activity. A great way to activate leg muscles before performing a normal dynamic warm-up is to use resistance bands.

      They allow you to engage the glutes, hips, hamstrings, quads and thighs individually and in a controlled manner, activating these important muscles that will be used during training or match.

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