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    Footboks in Reims for the legends match

    Footboks was in Reims this Tuesday to equip with hydration and recovery products the players of the Legends match between the alumni of the Reims stadium to an All Stars team made up of celebrities.The meeting organized by the Reims Galaxy club was disputed for the benefit of the Roseau association which works in favor of children affected by cancer.

    Footboks in the locker rooms of the Reims stadium

    Djibril cissé at the meeting

    On the celebrities side, many athletes had responded.Our godfather and partner Kevin Ramirez, captain of the French Futsal team showed that he had great remains of his training in football at 11 at Clermont Foot.The former pro players pro Djibril Cissé and Cédric Chambon also appeared both in good shape, just like the French international and player of the Stade de Reims Océane Deslandes.The All Stars team was also able to count on the captain of the French football team Cédric Bonnot, the swimmer Frédérick Bousquet or the fencer Jean-Michel Lucenay, Olympic champion at the sword at the Rio Games in 2016.

    We also saw the artists Soso Maness, Ridsa, Charlito or Biscotte Jr, journalist Karim Bennani, Moussa de Koh Lanta, Miss France 2021 Amandine Petit or actor Malik Amraoui.

    Cédric Bonnot, Kevin Ramirez and Djibril Cissé

    Tacalfred - Weber, the duo reconstituted on the Rémois side

    On the Rémois side, the team was able to count on its number 9 Cédric Fauré, Captain of the Elders.The red and white were also able to rely on a legendary hinge made up of Mickaël Tacalfred and Anthony Weber.Young retirees from the pro world like Johann Ramaré also participated in this legends match.

    Le duo de choc

    In front of a large audience, the two teams offered a beautiful show and made the show in a match with many twists and turns.Led 4 goals 2 a few minutes from the end of the meeting, celebrities returned to the score on the wire to get the draw 4 goals everywhere.A beautiful evening as we like them.