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All our hydration products for playing soccer. FOOTBOKS soccer hydration products are selected products with anti-doping standards (informed sport – global anti-doping program).

The hydration products are used by pro players of all major leagues (Premier league, Ligue1 Uber Eats, La liga etc…), and first league players are the pioneers in the field (Chelsea FC, Liverpool, West Ham etc…).

Each person loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat, from 200 mg/l to 2000 mg/l! This is genetically determined. Each person must therefore understand his or her organism individually!

It is essential to maintain the level of sodium in your blood in order to perform at your best during an effort.

Sodium helps you to absorb and retain fluids, which maintains your blood volume at a high level, thus reducing cardiovascular tension, fatigue and cramps.

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