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The Recovery drink with strawberry/banana taste is a recovery drink containing proteins and short- and long-chain carbohydrates that optimally replenish your glycogen stores after exercise.

The protein content is based on whey protein and casein, which promote muscle recovery.

The whey protein isolate from Cross-Flow microfiltration provides a concentrated and natural protein with a BCAA content of 25% (2.9 g BCAA/serving.).

It is enriched with the amino acids leucine (1.8 g/portion.) and glutamine (1.3 g/portion.) as well as vitamins and minerals. Magnesium and calcium contribute to normal muscle function.

The product is free of artificial sweeteners, lactose and gluten.

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Mix 1 sachet for 300 to 500 ml of water.

Pre-exercise: can be used as a supplier of liquid carbohydrates and protein about an hour before exercise. Test for compatibility before competition in training.
After exercise: For an optimal effect on recovery, we recommend taking it as soon as possible after exercise, ideally within half an hour after the end of the match or training session…

This product was discovered in the FOOTBOKS of October 2020.

Nutritional value for100g60g
Energy (kJ)1525920
Energy (Kcal)360218
Fat (g)2,21,2
Of which saturated (g)0,50,3
Carbohydrates (g)6322
Of which sugar (g)4838
Fibre (g)6,53,9
Protein (g)1710
Salt (g)0,80,48

Fruit powder 17% (maltodextrin, strawberries, bananas), glucose, sucrose, fructose, whey protein isolate 10%, maltodextrin, inulin 7% (soluble fiber), protein hydrolysates 6% (casein, whey), mineral salts (calcium, magnesium and zinc lactate, sodium citrate, iron fumarate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, manganese gluconate, potassium iodate, chromium yeast, sodium selenate), emulsifier sunflower lecithin, L-glutamine 2%, L-leucine 2%, beet juice coloring, acidifier citric acid, flavorings, thickeners (guar seed flour, xanthan), vitamins (ascorbic acid), alpha-tocopherol acetate, nicotinamide, retinol acetate, calcium pantothenate, cholecalciferol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, biotin).

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The Swiss brand’s cutting-edge expertise in food science as well as its innovative drive and high-quality products make SPONSER® the market leader in the Swiss sports nutrition industry.

Sponser products are carefully manufactured from certified sources and are subject to strict quality controls.

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