Hot water bottle / ice pack


Finally a smart and convertible hot water bottle!

Not only can you use it in the classic way by filling it with hot water (one third is enough), but you can also convert it into an ice pack: very useful for acute pain and local inflammation, the cold is also a good venotonic.

You just need to put a dozen ice cubes in it, add a quarter of cold water, and that’s it !

In both cases, make sure you close the cap properly, and check that the bag is watertight by turning it upside down before use.

You can also apply a cloth between your skin and the bag, if the temperature difference is too great.

CAUTION: use hot tap water, not boiling water !



A propos de ce produit



  • It is the fastest way to cool a patient.
  • It is an alternative to a cool bath (2° below the patient’s temperature).
  • It is an effective method, but often not appreciated by the patient because it is unpleasant and tiring.


  • Used for chronic pain: osteoarthritis of the limbs and various degenerative rheumatic diseases (ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis) or neurodegenerative diseases (MS, ALS)
  • On organs (liver, pancreas, stomach) for patients suffering from cancer
  • Used for acute pain: following a shock, or in post-operation

Preparation, implementation and follow-up


After hand washing :

  • Fill the bag ¾ full with ice cubes (quickly run under hot water if they are sharp) or hot water
  • Empty the bladder of air – squeeze out the remaining air by twisting the top of the bladder and put the cap on
  • Close it, wipe it and wrap it in its protection

Implementation and follow-up

  • Place protection under the area to be treated
  • Check the condition of the skin
  • Replace the bag on the area to be treated
  • Check regularly that the hot water bottle is not leaking
  • Renew as often as necessary and according to the medical prescription

Conseil d’entretiens

  1. Empty the bladder
  2. Wash with soapy water
  3. Disinfect
  4. Rinse, check for leaks
  5. Dry and seal the inside and outside of the bladder (turn it inside out and let it air dry)
  6. Store the open bladder in a dry place, close to its cap

Finally a hot water bottle that is very easy to use!

Simply fill the ice bladder halfway and close the cap.

Then check that it is watertight by turning it upside down, and apply the bag to the area to be relieved. You can also wrap a cloth around it so that it does not come into direct contact with the skin.


  • Must never be in direct contact with the skin (risk of burns)
  • Never apply it to the rib cage (fragile pulmonary alveoli)
  • Do not put in the microwave !

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