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Xendurance Energy Gel is designed to provide your body with the fuel it needs to reach optimal performance levels.

With input from athletes around the world, Xendurance has designed an energy gel that caters to a wide range of disciplines. The gel’s texture and light flavor allow for easy consumption and absorption by the body. The formula used blends two types of carbohydrates – maltodextrin and fructose – with calcium lactate for a quality energy solution. The sleek, easy-to-open design makes it convenient to feed your body no matter what environment you’re in.

Xendurance Energy Gel provides immediate and long lasting fuel for soccer and futsal players.


During your sports practice, your body draws from its reserves of glycogen which is the first source of energy of the muscle. After one hour of effort, it is necessary to bring back energy to continue the effort. The energy gel will meet this need thanks to its composition and its contribution in carbohydrates.




Consume a gel before your game or at halftime when you feel the need to recharge your batteries. Drink a few sips of water afterwards.

Not suitable for children, pregnant or nursing women.

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Nutritional values100g60g
Energy (kJ)494347
Energy (Kcal)11883
Fat (g)00
Of which saturated (g)00
Carbohydrates (g)39,527,7
Of which sugars (g)1812,6
fiber (g)10,7
Water, maltodextrin, fructose, calcium lactate, (cell gum), natural flavor, salt, acidifying agent (citric acid), gelling agent.

No added wheat, yeast or dairy products. No preservatives or coloring.

About the supplier


Xendurance is a sports nutrition company that was founded in the United States in 2006, when the Xendurance formula (Extreme Endurance in the U.S.) was in development.

The parent company, Xendurance LLC, is located in Arizona. The goal of Xendurance LLC was to develop an all-natural, drug-free product that would improve an athlete’s performance by improving both aerobic and lactic acid threshold.

Xendurance also wanted to develop a formula that would safely reduce the “culprit” known as lactic acid.

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No gluten

High Energy

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