FOOTBOKS – February 2020


FOOTBOKS OF FEBRUARY 2020 is the box with 16 products, some of which have never been seen in France before.

Here is its composition:

All these products are available individually in our shop!

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For this February edition, we went to get you performance and recovery products that will allow you to make a difference on the field.

You will find in your FOOTBOKS® this month exclusive products never distributed in France until now, innovations just put on the market, and obviously quality products.

We saw a lot this month since FOOTBOKS is loaded with 16 products! And since we’re not going to stop there, our subscribers also receive an additional gift in each of their FOOTBOKS.

From this month, we are setting up a contest on our Instagram account with a box to win for the best photo in your box identifying the @footboks account.

Do not hesitate to be creative on or off the field, this may be an opportunity for you to receive your products for free! The online store has also been open for a short month, you can find all the products distributed in our boxes for sale individually.

If you enjoyed one or more products and want to replenish your stock, don’t hesitate!