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These gels have been designed to help athletes during high intensity efforts but also for indoor sessions. They have the particularity of containing menthol in order to better absorb the heat of closed spaces in which .

We find 22g of essential carbohydrates in the effort and recovery, 150 mg of caffeine, 1.5g of beta-alanine and 1.5g of L-carnitine.

We propose you two different flavors: citrus fruits and blueberry.

THE STATUS: The Manchester United team has been using SiS products since 2008.


It contains a menthol extract that counteracts the sensation of increased heat in the room, discomfort and discomfort.

It improves your ability to tolerate this heat stress thanks to the cooling and refreshing sensations that menthol provides.

In addition to its cooling effects, Turbo+ Gel is also formulated with a mixture of caffeine, beta-alanine and L-carnitine to improve performance during high-intensity efforts especially indoors.

This recipe makes it possible to fight effectively against tiredness and exhaustion.




It is recommended to take this gel 30 to 60 minutes before the start of a game or a big training session.

Caution: A gel contains a high dose of caffeine (150mg), do not take more than one a day.

Not suitable for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

This product was discovered in the FOOTBOKS of February 2021.

Nutritional value.100g60g
Energy (kJ)627376
Energy (Kcal)14889
Fat (g)00
Of which saturated (g)00
Carbohydrate (g)3722
Of which sugars (g)4,82,9
Cafein (mg)250150
Water, maltodextrin (from corn), dextrose, beta-alanine, L-carnitine, natural flavor, anhydrous caffeine, natural menthol flavor (min. content: 1.5 g/l). 20% menthol), Acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), Sweetener (sucralose), Gelling agents (gellan gum, xanthan gum), Preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), Pyridoxine HCl, Folic acid, Cyanocobalamin.

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Science in Sport was born out of the desire to provide the best nutritional products and advice to athletes.

The company blends qualified sport scientists, food technologists and a physician with passionate athletes and athletes who have competed from the local level to the world stage.

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High carbohydrate content

No gluten

Low sugar

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Blueberry, Cool citrus


Pack of 10, Unit product