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Cryo Gel is designed to help the body replenish energy reserves, eliminate toxins, neutralize free radicals, maintain acid-base and electrolyte (mineral) balances, and reduce fatigue, all for optimal recovery.

The Cryo gel makes it possible to bring a feeling of intense cold and to relax the muscles after the effort. It facilitates the elimination of toxins to limit heaviness and discomfort. It also soothes muscular and articular pains.

The ccryo gel STC Nutrition was discovered in the FOOTBOKS of February 2020.

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Cold feeling

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About this product


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply after the effort in light massages on the areas concerned. Use regularly for optimal effectiveness.

Penetrates quickly – Does not stick – Non-greasy – Does not stain.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Keep out of reach of children, away from heat and humidity.

External use only

Do not use on wounds or irritated skin.

Rinse hands after use.

This product was discovered in the FOOTBOKS of February 2020.