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Bodyhero is a recovery drink to be taken after training or match. With its 20g of vegetable protein from European golden peas and containing essential amino acids and natural BCAAs.

One sachet also contains 2.3g of vegetable fibre and is low in sugar. With its excellent taste, even when mixed with water, Bodyhero keeps you fuller for longer and, for the hardcore athlete, promotes muscle recovery to help you reach your goals faster.

What distinguishes Bodyhero from other plant-based protein products is not only the attention paid to taste, but also the carefully selected blend of Bodyhero ingredients that make it so pure.

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A propos de ce produit


Within 30 minutes after exercise, mix 1 sachet with 300ml of water or plant milk to your liking for optimal recovery. Shake gently. Vigorous shaking can create a frothy shake.

Nutritional value100g32g
Energy (Kcal)392126
Fat (g)8,32,7
of wich saturated (g)2,60,8
Carbohydrate (g)11,23,6
of wich sugar (g)4,71,5
Protein (g)64,520,6
Salt (g)5,31,7
Fiber (g)7,32,3
Pea protein isolate (73%) made from 100% non-GMO European golden peas.
Reduced fat cocoa powder (12%)
100% natural date powder
Natural flavours composed of chocolate flavouring
Chicory root fibre, a type of highly soluble inulin.
Sweetener (steviol glycoside) derived from the leaves of the South American plant Stevia Rebaudiana (Asteraceae).



The early recovery phase in the 30 minutes directly after a match or training session is the optimal time for protein intake. This intake directly after exercise will promote muscle rebuilding and repair of tissue damaged by physical activity.

A propos du fournisseur

Body Hero

Hi, I’m Andy, the managing director and mastermind behind Bodyhero.

I have spent most of my working life in the health and fitness industry and have tried most of the protein supplements on the market.

When I decided to switch to a plant-based diet, I was shocked to find that the plant-based protein products I was buying all tasted like dirt – and that seemed to be the accepted taste experience for people who are not ready to eat meat or dairy.

In addition, I couldn’t find any high quality plant-based protein products that met my nutritional needs. They were mostly low in protein and fibre, high in sugar and artificial. This did not fit in with the decisions I had made to change my diet to one that was beneficial to health and the environment.

So I spent two years working with a team of nutritionists and food technologists to create a range of plant-based products that were more natural tasting, but delicious, high in protein and gut-healthy fibre, without the guilt of high amounts of sugar – and friendly to the planet.

We called it Bodyhero because we want everyone to be able to do their best, with minimal impact on the planet.

A plant-based, guilt-free, great-tasting diet that you can eat anytime.

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