BIOROSAN Green clay


Green clay provides multiple benefits.

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing, purifying, detoxifying, it is a little marvel that will do you the greatest good in your recovery.

The green clay of Biorosan is extracted at the foot of volcanoes in the south of France. It is exceptionally rich in rare minerals.

The green clay is used as a poultice to absorb bruises, hematomas, sprains, strains, swellings, it relieves joint and muscle pain.

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How to use

Council to carry out a cataplasm of green clay:

On the area to be treated, apply the clay balm on a thickness of 1 to 2cm using a wooden spatula. Cover the painful zone with a bandage, compress, a paper towel or a food film. Leave to act for at least 1 hour without letting it dry then rinse with warm water. IMPORTANT! The clay must never come into contact with metal utensils. Therefore use a wooden spoon or spatula.

This product was discovered in the FOOTBOKS BOX ING DAY of December 2019.

Natural green clay (INCI:Illite, montmorillonite, kaolin);

100% mineral product.

The poultice is useful for several things:

  • Joint pain (back, knee, ankle etc…)
  • Muscle pain (thigh, calves etc…)
  • Recovery after the effort
  • Prevention of aches and pains

FOOTBOKS & BIOROSAN : How to do a cataplasme? (French only)

About the supplier


Biorosan is an innovative Toulouse-based company that has been producing and marketing natural, organic and French cosmetics since 2012.

Defender of Made-in-France, Biorosan claims this attachment and makes the promotion of French quality a priority.

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