The Swiss brand’s cutting-edge expertise in food science as well as its innovative drive and high-quality products make SPONSER® the market leader in the Swiss sports nutrition industry.
Olympic champions as well as recreational athletes rely on SPONSER®.
In collaboration with renowned universities, professional athletes and doctors, Sponser has developed functional products based on the latest scientific research to meet the nutritional needs of each athlete.
Their products are carefully manufactured from certified sources and are subject to strict quality controls.


In partnership with FOOTBOKS®, Sponser provides quality products.

Sponser products have been validated by FOOTBOKS®, its team and its sponsors.

Sponser was discovered with its “power gum Sponser” in the BOXING DAY box in December 2019.

We find Sponser and its “Recovery drinks” in the FOOTBOKS of October 2020 so the composition was as follows:

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About the company

The Swiss company SPONSER SPORT FOOD INC. was founded in 1988 and has successfully developed high quality sports nutrition sold under the brand name “SPONSER®”.
To remain the leader in the Swiss industry, SPONSER® keeps abreast of new evidence in sports nutrition in order to create new products and improve existing ones.
This is made possible by more than 40 loyal employees, most of whom are competitive athletes or closely involved in sports.

Our values

As an ISO FSSC 22000 certified company, Sponser refrains from any action involving hormone-active, prohormonal or pharmaceutically active substances.
Sponser ensures that their raw materials and finished products never come into contact with substances of concern.
Sponser only works with certified industry partners and suppliers who also have ISO or GFSI accredited certification.
These highest quality standards in the food industry guarantee perfect product quality and food safety.

Free of doping substances
In times of contaminated food supplements and complex legal regulations, the requirements for the safety of raw materials and products are now very high.
The sponsor guarantees the highest quality standards and ensures a product range free of doping substances and impurities.
As a FSSC 22000-certified Swiss food manufacturer, only raw materials from suppliers who also hold recognized ISO or GFSI certificates are used.
All raw materials are documented in quality agreements and are accompanied by a certificate of analysis, which allows full traceability. With its commitment to Switzerland as a business location, the company based in Wollerau SZ is also subject to the high control standards of the Swiss health authorities.
As an innovation leader, we strive to continue to create supplements with real added value in the future by developing high-quality products.

Tested and proven

The products are not only tested in the laboratory but also on the heart and kidneys at more than 100 sporting events involving more than 100,000 athletes.

This ensures that both the products and the athletes are always one step ahead of the competition.

SPONSER® develops its formulations in-house, based on the latest scientific evidence and in close collaboration and exchange with renowned universities, sports nutrition opinion leaders, physicians and elite athletes.