OneGum is first of all 3 childhood friends who share a common passion: to experiment anything and everything.

Being fond of technologies and chewing gum, they decided to link the two concepts and to tackle the SmartFood sector.

Their ambition: to revolutionize the chewing gum market by creating the first intelligent chewing gum (instant effect). This led to their unique product: OneGum, the energizing chewing gum.

This product will help you to optimize every moment of the day without ever being caught up by fatigue!


In partnership with FOOTBOKS®, OneGum provides the first chewing gum discovered in a box.

The OneGum chewing gums have been validated by FOOTBOKS®, its team and its sponsors.

OneGume was discovered with its unique product “OneGum Chewing gum” in the START BOX in October 2019.


OneGum chewing gum were once again found in the October 2020 FOOTBOKS with the new packaging!

This box composition was :

all this products are also available in our shop!

A propos de l’entreprise

The team

Romain (l’Ingénieur):” Agro engineer and passionate about tradition and terroir, I love fast food! »

Ludovic (Compulsive Traveller): “I thank Francois every day for imagining an energizing chewing gum, without it I would continue to miss all the trains and planes I am supposed to take. »

François (Geek): “As a WebScrapping fan, I’ve used my talent several times to help competitors blow up OneGum’s website. »