Médicafarm develops recognized professional natural health care products used in many federations, clubs, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Thanks to the reliability of the products and their great effectiveness, the brand occupies one of the leading positions among physiotherapists and healthcare professionals.

Médicafarm is part of INELDA Laboratories which also owns the brand recognized by the #TEAMFOOTBOKS, STC nutrition.

Each of the products are made in France.

Medicafarm X FOOTBOKS®

In partnership with FOOTBOKS®, Medicafarm provides quality products.

Medicafarm products have been validated by FOOTBOKS®, its team and sponsors.

The Medicafarm brand was discovered with its “Arnicryo-K Gel” in the FOOTBOKS of February 2021 so the composition was as follows:

All these products are available individually in the FOOTBOKS Shop!

About the company

The products are of 100% natural origin, innovative and qualitative, the formulas are based on plant active ingredients selected for their recognized properties.

The textures are designed for professional use, the products are therefore non-greasy, glide well, do not stain and are good for the skin by their dermo-nutritive properties.

The products are paraben-free, coloring-free, GMO-free, and without ingredients of animal origin.