Body hero

Bodyhero products are specially formulated to provide the highest levels of protein while maintaining unbeatable taste and texture. Uniquely, each serving of the line provides 20 grams of high quality vegetable protein.

With a recommended daily protein intake of approximately 0.8 to 1.5 g per kg of body weight depending on activity levels, a sedentary 70 kg person would need 56 g and an active 70 kg person would need 105 g of protein per day.

One serving of Bodyhero therefore provides between 19 and 36% of your daily protein intake. The products include a high quality pea protein isolate, providing a full spectrum of the 9 essential amino acids and natural branched chain amino acids to promote optimal muscle growth and recovery.

Body hero X FOOTBOKS

In partnership with FOOTBOKS, Body Hero provides quality products (certified Informed Sport).

The Body Hero proteins have been validated by FOOTBOKS, its team and its sponsors.

Body hero was discovered with 3 bags of protein in the Footboks of June 2021.

The composition of the June 2021 box was as follows:

All these products are available individually in the FOOTBOKS Shop!


Informed-Sport is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, sports nutrition industry suppliers and supplement manufacturing facilities.

The program certifies that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that carry the Informed-Sport logo have been tested for prohibited substances by the world-class sports doping laboratory, LGC.

About the company

A word from the founder

Hi, I’m Andy, the CEO and mastermind behind Bodyhero.

I’ve spent most of my professional life in the health and fitness industry and have tried most of the protein supplements on the market.

When I decided to switch to a plant-based diet, I was shocked to find that the plant-based protein products I was buying all tasted like dirt – and that seemed to be the accepted taste experience for people who are not ready to eat meat or dairy.

In addition, I could not find high quality plant-based protein products that met my nutritional needs. They were mostly low in protein and fiber, high in sugar and artificial. This did not fit with the decisions I had made to change my diet to one that was beneficial to my health and the environment.

So I spent two years working with a team of nutritionists and food technologists to create a line of plant-based products that were more natural tasting, yet delicious, high in protein and gut-healthy fiber, without the guilt of high amounts of sugar – and environmentally friendly.

We called it Bodyhero because we want everyone to be able to perform at their best, with minimal impact on the planet.

A plant-based, guilt-free, great-tasting diet that you can eat anytime.