Biorosan’s green clay is extracted from the feed of the volcanoes in the south of France, on a perfectly sunny slope.

Naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, it purifies, remineralizes, detoxifies and protects your skin and ensures a feeling of softness.

Biorosan green clay is used for poultices and facial masks.


In partnership with FOOTBOKS®, Biorosan provides quality French made clay.

Biorosan green clay has been validated by FOOTBOKS®, its team and its sponsors.

The Biorosan brand was discovered with its “Biorosan Green Clay” in the BOXING DAY box in December 2019.

FOOTBOKS X BIOROSAN – Realize your cataplasm of quality in 5 min at home.

About the company

Biorosan is an innovative Toulouse-based company that has been producing and marketing natural, organic and French cosmetics since 2012.

Defender of Made-in-France, Biorosan claims this attachment and makes the promotion of French quality a priority.

Today, Biorosan offers several ranges of products adapted to sportsmen among which Argile des Volcans and Bonjour Bio.

Working in partnership with ECOCERT, Biorosan adopts a quality approach towards its partners and guarantees its ‘Naturally Yours’ approach.

The cataplasm

For a poultice, check the video above.

On the treatment area, apply the clay paste thickness 2cm with a wooden spatula. Insert a glance or a fine line on the irritated or hairy areas. Leave for at least 01 hours without letting it dry then rinse with warm water.